Emperor xuanzong and yang guifei

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emperor xuanzong and yang guifei

Profile for Yang Guifei from The Court of the Lion: A Novel of the Tang Dynasty (Tang Trilogy, #3) (page 1)

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Yang Guifei, Tragic Beauty of the Tang Dynasty

Yang Yuhuan (simplified Chinese: 杨玉环; traditional Chinese: 楊玉環; pinyin: Yáng Yùhuán; . That night, Gao requested that Emperor Xuanzong welcome Consort Yang back to the palace, a request that Emperor Xuanzong easily agreed to.
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The Favored Imperial Concubine

She obviously had a hold of epic proportions on him, because despite being a well regarded ruler in his earlier years, he started neglecting his military duties, appointed her family members into positions of power and set in motion the decline of the otherwise amazing Tang dynasty. The idea of a man besotted by one woman beyond reason is the setting for many a tragic tale, and this one is almost to script. Out of this human tale arose the powerful literature and operas that define China today. The palace complex is built against the Li Shan mountain and has the magic of being engulfed in mist against snow and hot springs in winter. It is not difficult to imagine the lovers as soulmates in consumption of each other in the hours spent pruning the grafted pomegranate trees together, long baths, long walks and long nights in the bedroom built to open to the mountains. The impact of the setting is the fact that this was a true and well-documented story right down to the exact dates, speaking through the ages. Your email address will not be published.

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Yang Yuhuan A. Like the other three, Yuhuan was a historical as well as a legendary figure. Coveting her beauty, Xuanzong Emperor wanted to have her as his concubine.

She was the beloved consort of Emperor Xuanzong of Tang during his later years. During the An Lushan Rebellion , as Emperor Xuanzong and his cortege were fleeing from the capital Chang'an to Chengdu , the emperor's guards demanded that he put Yang to death because they blamed the rebellion on her cousin Yang Guozhong and the rest of her family. The emperor capitulated and reluctantly ordered his attendant Gao Lishi to strangle Yang to death. Yang was born in during the Tang Dynasty , early in the reign of Emperor Xuanzong. He appeared to have had no sons, but had four daughters who were known to history — Yang Yuhuan and three older sisters. She thus carried the title of Princess of Shou.

The affair of the last Tang emperor in China and his beautiful concubine, Yang Guifei Yang Kwei-fei was the great love story of the age and often mentioned in ancient Chinese and Japanese literature. With some embellishment, it recounted the true story of how Yang Guifei Yokihi in Japanese rose from obscurity to win the heart of an emperor, before causing his downfall and that of the entire Tang Dynasty. Emperor Xuanzong Hsuan Tsung , a grandson of Empress Wu Zetian Wu-chao, Wu-hou who ruled from , was a wise and forward-looking ruler during the early years of his reign. Yang Guifei was originally married to one of his sons in , at the age of The emperor, already in his 50s, quickly became infatuated with her and, in , she abandoned her husband and entered a Taoist nunnery. Meanwhile, Yang Guifei caused something of a scandal with her close relationship with An Lu-Shan, a powerful general of Turkic origin. Eventually she adopted the corpulent, year-old general.


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