Jon taffer and gordon ramsay

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jon taffer and gordon ramsay

Raise the Bar: An Action-Based Method for Maximum Customer Reactions by Jon Taffer

If there’s anyone who can prevent a bar or restaurant from going belly up, it’s Jon Taffer. Widely considered the greatest authority in the food and beverage, hotel, and hospitality industries, he has turned around countless bars and restaurants. Raise the Bar distills the secrets to running a successful enterprise with Reaction Management, a strategy and philosophy Taffer developed and uses in his business.  It works whether you’re running a storefront operation or a web-based company, whether you’re manufacturing widgets or providing a service. Raise the Bar is the definitive manual on transforming a bar or restaurant with actionable, proven strategies for immediate impact.
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DISGUSTING Restaurant Sprays Their Steaks Before Cooking! - Kitchen Nightmares

Bar Rescue host Jon Taffer has screamed at more than his fair share of but replace Gordon Ramsay's somewhat redeeming vestiges of Brit.
Jon Taffer

Gad Saad: Himself - Host

Jon Taffer is the Gordon Ramsay of bars, known by most of us as the one that yells, screams, berates, and sometimes humiliates failing bar owners in order to help them rehabilitate their business. Taffer has visited a pretty shocking range of bars with a horrifying number of problems during Bar Rescue , and while those problems might be obvious to an outsider, how he fixes them is often inspired. Just how he built up this stockpile of marketing and business knowledge is a little surprising. When Taffer spoke with Business Insider in , he was quick to point out it hasn't been all smooth sailing for him, and he knows exactly what some of the Bar Rescue owners are facing. Taffer says he picked the wrong business partner, and even though friends warned him not to get involved in a business with one person, Taffer went ahead anyway… and learned the hard way. And I've been very conscious about ever having a partner since.

Todd Nelson and JD Roth planted their flag in the unscripted world with The Biggest Loser , which they shepherded for 11 seasons and which has been drawing viewers to NBC for 15 seasons the recent shocking transformation of contestant Rachel Frederickson brought even more attention to the show. In every episode, the restaurant that shows the most promise of turning things around gets a cash investment. I spoke to Nelson about the challenges of producing unscripted TV, the importance of paying your dues, and his first impression of Taffer. Nelson: Once we had that hit show with Bar Rescue we looked at what worked. Forbes: Do you remember your first meeting with Jon?

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In-your-face business consultant Jon Taffer has spent 20 years turning around struggling food, beverage, and nightlife companies. Taffer recently spoke with Inc.
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Been to Dock on the Island? Share your experiences!

I wish I could say something good about the food. The wings, absolutely terrible!!!! Overcooked and almost burnt. They only have 4 flavors. The pizza? How hard is it to mess up pizza!

Want to ask me a question? At the end of the day, your customers are the ones that are paying you so you have to keep the focus on them. If your main reason for opening a bar is to have somewhere for you and your friends to hang out, then build a bar in your basement, and stay out of the industry. Keep it a business and keep it professional! No one wants to see the owner of the bar neglecting their customers because he or she is over in the corner with their buddies getting hammered. What is your favorite drink?

Discussion in ' Mayberry Lounge ' started by usfbrah , Jul 10, Log in or Sign up. I know Ramsey is on point with the food and kitchen but taffer runs a tight ship in cleanliness and food quality. I'd probably go with taffer to fix my business cause he seems like he has more business sense. I also like it when he sees something dirty and has a heart attack. I'm only asking this cause I've been watching kitchen nightmares 2 days straight.


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