Pig and whistle tv show

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pig and whistle tv show

The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle-Pig Mystery by Jerry West

While watching TV Pete Hollister hears about a train robbery in New England. Masked bandits have stolen almost a million dollars in cash from a mail car!

At the same time, the Hollisters receive a request from their friend, Fritz, the old woodcarver in Germany. Can the Hollisters go to a museum in nearby Foxboro and get him the dimensions of a wooden Indian called the Settlers Friend?

Foxboro! Pete exclaims. Thats where the train robbery happened today! Naturally, the Hollisters instinct for detective work is instantly aroused.

Indy Rhodes, the Pueblo Indian who works for Mr. Hollister, and his sister, Snow Flower, volunteer to take the children to the New England town. In no time at all, the Hollisters are deeply involved in tracking down the train robbers and the robbers of the Settlers Friend which has disappeared from the museum.

Ricky is accidentally kidnapped... Pam falls through a hole in an old covered bridge... a terrible hurricane engulfs them all... and Sue makes friends with a family of groundhogs, or whistle-pigs, never suspecting that these little creatures will play a big part in helping the Hollisters solve both mysteries.

All kinds of escapades involve the Happy Hollisters in this new suspense thriller which takes them only a short distance from home and introduces them to a lot of fascinating Americana.
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PigN whistle

Where can you find and watch the Pig and Whistle shows? When I was a kid we only had a battery operated TV and could only watch CTV (channel 8). The pig.
Jerry West

The Pig and Whistle

Wednesday, 25 September Browse Categories. Most Popular. Top Rated. Search Database. Add New Show. Pig and Whistle, The Series

Filmed on a set built to resemble a traditional English Pub, the series featured a variety of traditional Canadian, British and Irish music-hall style entertainment, including singing barmaid Kay Turner , leather-lunged host John Hewer and a studio audience bussed each week to a cavernous studio on the fringe of Toronto. The show delighted viewers with its unabashed Britishness, which set it apart from U. What made the Pig and Whistle special was the fact that its comfy setting of a neighborhood pub, where good friends could meet to share a laugh and a pint, was also a showcase for emerging Canadian talent such as the Irish Rovers, The Peaches and of course the Carlton Showband. Needless to say when I was approached to host a Pig and Whistle Tribute Series, with the objective of providing Canadian-based talent of a similar, yet modern genre with a venue that had long since vanished with the advent of Satellite TV and the emerging world of social media, I thought why not! So on November 28th I had the pleasure of attending a Pig and Whistle type pub to hear the musical sentiments of John Wright. Wright, whose story and journey while being similar to many who leave their hearts exposed on the stage of previously unknown yet welcoming venues across the country, is nonetheless unique. Especially when he relates the story of using the guitar strap from a friend and fellow musician who once shared the stage with him but has since passed away.

Sign in. Breakout star Erin Moriarty of " The Boys " shouts out her real-life super squad of actors. Watch now. Title: The Pig and Whistle — This was a variety show staged in a pub called the Pig and Whistle

The Pig and Whistle was a Canadian musical television series aired on the CTV The programme was hosted by John Hewer and featured the music of the.
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Filmed in Toronto , Ontario but set in a fictional English pub , the show featured an assortment of Canadian, British and Irish performers. One of CTV's most popular programs of its day, The Pig and Whistle drew ratings of over a million viewers in the early s. Scottish singer and entertainer Stan Kane was often featured. The programme's title is derived from one of the names of a traditional English public house, whose meaning in turn remains somewhat speculative. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about Canadian television series. For the restaurant in Hollywood, see Pig 'n Whistle.


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    The Pig and Whistle was a Canadian musical television series aired on the CTV television The programme was hosted by John Hewer and featured the music of the Carlton Showband, a Canadian-Irish musical group. Scottish singer and.

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    This was a variety show staged in a pub called the Pig and Whistle polkas, folk songs, acordian music, all in a fun loving bar on Monday nights. Kind of a Canadian Lawrence Welk. This show invoked unintentional hilarity amongst adolescents and juveniles alike during its opening.

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    The Pig and Whistle. 45 likes. The Pig and Whistle was a Canadian musical television series aired on the CTV television network from to Filmed.

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