Young billy and ruth graham

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young billy and ruth graham

Billy: The Untold Story of a Young Billy Graham and the Test of Faith That Almost Changed Everything by William Paul McKay

The remarkable true story of a young Billy Graham and his best friend who walked away from the faith.

We all know howthe story ends but how did it begin? Before he became a household name, and Americas Pastor, he was simply known asBilly. When he wasnt playing baseball, he was discovering his lovefor Christian ministry. His best friend, Charles Templeton, wasalready ontrack to be a highly successful evangelist and the two young men beganstrategizing on how to win the world for Christ. That plan takes adrastic turn, however, when Templeton deserts the faith and becomes anatheist. The impact of this decision on a young Billy Graham isimmeasurable and agonizing. Charles would later become the greatintellectual architect for agnosticism and atheism. Billy wouldbecome the single greatest messenger for the Christian Gospel. It isone of the great untold dramas between friends - Atheism vsChristianity, betrayal and hope.
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Remembering Ruth Graham

Overcoming struggles, Billy Graham's children are rooted in ministry today

Give Menu. Give Online Your gift helps share the Gospel. Billy and Ruth Graham Through the Years. Share Tweet. This Valentine's Day, we're celebrating two college sweethearts who loved God and each other for over 63 years. While Billy and Ruth Graham both traveled the world, spending time at home was always important.

Some might expect the offspring of the most influential religious leader in the modern world to live lives approaching perfection — whether by choice or force. But Gigi, Anne, Ruth, Franklin and Ned, the children of Billy and Ruth Graham, would be the first to laugh at such a notion, even though all are involved in Christian ministry today. Each time, without fail, his mother would be sitting in her rocking chair in the kitchen, her eyes red and tired from crying or praying, or both. Next to my desire to please the Lord, I wanted to please him. Anne Graham Lotz has acknowledged that Billy Graham's work often took him away from home as she was growing up. But in a statement she released the day her father died, he does not come across as a distant figure in her life. I think of my Daddy.

She also wants to hear what her readers are enduring. Stepping out of line can result in a front page headline in the National Enquirer — and bring shame upon a beloved dad. At age 11, I made that commitment public by going forward at the altar call at a church revival held by a friend of my father. Daddy went with me. As a year-old, she left home for an exclusive boarding school in New York.

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William Franklin Graham Jr. One of his biographers has placed him "among the most influential Christian leaders" of the 20th century.

She was born in Qingjiang , Jiangsu , Republic of China , the second of five children. Her parents, Virginia Leftwich Bell and L. She completed her high school education at Montreat, North Carolina , while her parents were there on furlough. The Grahams met at Wheaton College and were married in the summer of , shortly after their graduation. Ruth Graham became a minister's wife for a brief period in Western Springs, Illinois.


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    Overcoming struggles, Billy Graham's children are rooted in ministry today

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