Illuminati and hip hop documentary

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illuminati and hip hop documentary

Hip Hop Illuminati by Rebecca Scott

Ever wonder how someone can go to sleep in public housing and wake up in a mansion seemingly overnight? Having worked 25 years in the Hip-Hop music industry and witnessed firsthand the inner workings of the fame machine up close; I personally KNOW entertainers that are now or were employed by the Illuminati who promised them fame, money and power if they sold out. This book reveals those who sold out and those who didnt.
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Published 30.12.2018

Rap Sheet: Hip-Hop & Cops (Full Documentary) - Music

The Illuminati Hip Hop Conspiracy: Exposing The Secret Organization in The Music Industry . This is the most ridiculous 'documentary' I've ever watched.
Rebecca Scott

What's Behind Hip Hop's Illuminati Music Obsession?

Meaghan "Moneyworth" Garvey: Doing the art world a service by elucidating the illuminati. Jim Newberry. Hands-down my favorite thing to happen in pop culture over the past few years is the rise in popularity of an awesomely crazy conspiracy theory maintaining that the most successful stars in hip-hop are all part of a secret society of illuminati that's using pop radio as a propaganda tool in its campaign to establish an anti-Christian new world order. A surprising number of people actually believe this, and point to "clues" in lyrics and videos that "prove" that, say, Jay-Z advocates satanic human sacrifice. In response, some superstars accused of this nonsense have begun making cheekily overt illuminati references.

Life on earth is but a short time. Nothing is worth losing your soul over. People need to quit thinking these people are great. They need prayers. Sad world we live in. Jesus said by their Fruits i. They also Know their time to deceive, murder,and destroy is 'Short'..

This is a giant geopsychopolitical picture and things are happening with the use of subliminal indirect reverse psychological propaganda. It's made to be confusing by the evilarchy that controls not only the United States but Britain. The documentary illustrates how this Illuminati , this group who calls themselves the enlightened ones, had gained positions of power through control of the banking system. Billions of people on planet earth are living in ignorance. Before your very eyes, politicians are advancing a global plan. Since the time of Napoleon, secret societies have been influencing politicians to take over and conquer Europe. Now, in the 21st century, their work of ages is coming to fruition.

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The story of how the myth exploded reveals how fake stories spread today and the secrets behind the psychology of their fiercest proponents. But this far-fetched paranoia all started with a playful work of fiction in the s. What does this tell us about our readiness to believe what we read and hear — and what can the Illuminati myth reveal about the fake news and stories we continue to be influenced by today? How to avoid falling for lies and fake news. Why are people so incredibly gullible?

What is important is that line, from Prodigy, that everyone remembers. It was the first time the Illuminati was mentioned prominently on wax, nestled in the middle of a needlessly complex series of beefs. It was the beginning of an entirely new school of thought in hip-hop, one as intelligent and informed as it was suspicious and paranoid. Rap's Illuminati talk wasn't just a one-time fad, however. The Illuminati is always somehow part of the conversation when a celebrity like Whitney Houston or, more recently, Prince passes away prematurely. Then why, for more than two decades, has the existence of an unconfirmed secret society been consistently connected to the music industry?



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