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kcrw left right and center matt miller

The Tyranny of Dead Ideas: Letting Go of the Old Ways of Thinking to Unleash a New Prosperity by Matt Miller

A leading political and business thinker identifies the greatest threat to our economic future: the things we think we know—but don’t

America is at a crossroads. In the face of global competition and rapid technological change, our economy is about to face its most severe test in nearly a century—one that will make the recent turmoil in the financial system look like a modest setback by comparison. Yet our leaders have failed to prepare us for what lies ahead because they are in the grip of a set of dead ideas about how a modern economy should work. They wrongly believe that

Our kids will earn more than we do
Free trade is always good, no matter who gets hurt
Employers should be responsible for health coverage
Taxes hurt the economy
Schools are a local matter
Money follows merit
These ways of thinking—dubious at best and often dead wrong—are on a collision course with economic developments that are irre-versible.

In The Tyranny of Dead Ideas, Matt Miller offers a unique blend of insights from history, psychology, and economics to illuminate where today’s destructive conventional wisdom came from and how it holds our country back. He also introduces us to a new way of thinking—what he calls tomorrow’s destined ideas—that can reinvigorate our economy, our politics, and our day-to-day lives. These destined ideas may seem counterintuitive now, but they will coalesce in the coming years in ways that will transform America.

A strikingly original assessment of our current dilemma and an indispensable guide to our future, Miller’s provocative and path-breaking book reveals why it is urgent that we break the tyranny of dead ideas, for it is only by doing so that we can move beyond the limits of today’s obsolete debates and reinvent American capitalism and democracy for the twenty-first century.
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With Matt Miller away, Robert Scheer hosts Ariana Huffington and David Frum in a conversation about the Israel-Palestinian road map, Iran as the next focal.
Matt Miller

Miller's Crossing: A Left-Right Policy Wonk Has Eyes on Washington, D.C.

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The Trump Administration has contributed to growth in unexpected areas such as Twitter fatigue, fake news red alerts and political podcasts. Since the presidential election, podcasts about politics have sprouted faster than DIY YouTube videos. When the two political sides meet on network or cable TV away from the sanctity of their ideological temples, sparks fly as each side is more interested in scoring debate points that can send cheers through their base supporters instead of listening for areas of agreement and engaging in civilized discourse. The weekly podcast, which is about 55 minutes long, is moderated by Josh Barro — a business columnist at New York Magazine. Taking over from Matt Miller in , Barro excels at keeping the podcast focused, articulate, insightful and, most of all, free from the vitriol of most other shows with talking heads from divergent political ideologies. And true to the mission of the podcast, Barro artfully points out the holes in the view points of liberals and conservatives. From a flow perspective, Barro excels at escaping the mud pit of mutually destructive invective and seems to move to the next topic at just the right moment.

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Entertainment November 14, WHEN: 2 p., In its cover review, the Washington Post's Sunday Book World called Two Percent "a welcome return to political thinking on a big canvas agenda;" the Wall Street Journal called it a "small marvel of a book. Miller was previously a columnist for the Washington Post and Fortune.

It's as gorgeous as it is prosperous, and this primary season it promises to be one of the most interesting districts, too. That's because there's a House race that will measure the Democratic Party's willingness to embrace or reject bold ideas and, perhaps, whether it will shun a candidate because of his writings. Matthew Miller , a writer, journalist and confessed wonk, is taking on the career pols in the race, and Washington is watching. Despite his California residency, Miller is well known inside the Beltway as a provocative thinker, an amiable disrupter, eager to overturn conventional thinking in both parties. He has been called a radical centrist, which seems appropriate with his name on books like The Tyranny of Dead Ideas. Whether he can translate his command of policy into a victory in this district is uncertain. The district is decidedly Democratic - Obama won easily here in - and earlier this month its legendary congressman Henry Waxman , one of the last veterans of the Watergate class of , announced his retirement, opening up a seat that local politicians have been readying to seize.

His soon-to-be wife, however, had a different plan. Almost two decades later, she is on board. So Miller, now a Pacific Palisades resident, as well as a progressive thinker, radio host, frequent television commentator and WashingtonPost. A Democrat, Miller will join a crowded field to succeed Rep. Henry Waxman, a year veteran of Congress. Waxman will step down in early January when his term expires. The primary election will take place in June, with the two top finishers — regardless of political party — meeting in the November general election.

Henry Waxman D-Calif. The coastal district is heavily Democratic, with a pool of entertainment industry donors that draws politicians throughout the country for fundraising events. Yes, we must stop the Tea Party and its reckless agenda. But we also have to tackle huge challenges — from the runaway costs of college and health care to the threat of climate change, the shortage of good jobs and internationally lagging schools. This means embracing bold ideas — not career politicians who pretend to take action while changing little that matters. The U.


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    Matt Miller is the radical centrist on KCRW's weekly Left, Right and Center. Miller's first book, The Two Percent Solution: Fixing America's Problems In Ways .

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