From space to place and back again

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from space to place and back again

Lost in Space: A Fathers Journey There and Back Again by Ben Tanzer

Lost in Space is a sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always lively essay collection about fathers and sons, and their relationship to not only one another, but pop culture, death, and sex—because sex sells, even if youre otherwise focused on parenting and the generation spanning cultural impact of Star Wars.

The essays in Lost in Space are focused on an array of child-rearing topics including sleep, discipline, first haircuts, deceased parents/grandparents and illness, and the inherent challenges and humor that coincide with, and are intrinsically tied-into, these stages of life. The essays also recognize the ongoing presence of the authors dead father in his life even as he seeks to parent without his fathers guidance or advice.
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Published 31.12.2018

Kerbal Space Program: It's BAAAAAACK. . . . . to basics :) - 01

The term sense of place has been used in many different ways.
Ben Tanzer

Webb Space Telescope pushed back again, won’t launch until 2021

It features a large mirror that will be formed by multiple individual segments moving into place and protected by a sunscreen that would also unfold after launch. Webb's instruments would be sensitive to a region of the infrared that should allow it to image everything from the Universe's first galaxies to the atmospheres of nearby exoplanets. But so far, that complexity has driven extensive delays. Early this year, the Government Accountability Office released a report that suggested that further delays were inevitable. And shortly after its release, NASA disclosed that testing of the spacecraft's unfolding resulted in damage to some of the systems. That set the stage for an independent review board to give the entire project a new look.

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There and Back Again IN SPACE!

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A SpaceX Dragon spacecraft departed the International Space Station and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean today July 3 , finishing its historic second journey to the orbiting lab. The space station's robotic arm, Canadarm-2, released the robotic resupply vessel at a. That journey ended with a successful landing in the Pacific Ocean, a few hundred miles southwest of the California coast, SpaceX representatives said. SpaceX personnel will recover the spacecraft and ferry it back to Long Beach, Calif. Dragon initially brought close to 6, lbs. But there's one piece of cargo Dragon wasn't carrying: Originally the experimental Roll-Out Solar Array ROSA was supposed to be stowed in Dragon's unpressurized trunk, which would be ejected to burn up in Earth's atmosphere. But after the successful week-long test of the flexible solar panel, ground control was unable to roll it back up for storage.


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