James bond trivia questions and answers

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james bond trivia questions and answers

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101 Facts About James Bond

James Bond Trivia Quiz

The Ultimate James Bond Quiz. James Bond Movie Quiz. A comprehensive database of more than 23 james bond quizzes online, test your knowledge with james bond quiz questions. Our online james bond trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top james bond quizzes. Sweeney Todd Quizzes. The Addams Family Quizzes.

The James Bond franchise is probably older than you. That being said, the iconic character being played by Daniel Craig now has had some memorable moments along the way. The following quiz asks you some tough questions about the Bond franchise. Good Luck! Forgot your password? Speak now. Training Maker Discuss.

A Commander of Naval Intelligence during World War II, Fleming used his real-life experience to pen twelve British spy novels and two collections of short stories featuring secret agent , a. James Bond. Ian Fleming died of a heart attack in No was the first James Bond movie. Adapted from Ian Fleming's novel, the film featured Sean Connery as secret agent and would be the first in a long line of successful Bond flicks. Connery would reprise his role in five more films, for a total of six appearances as James Bond.

James Bond Quiz Questions

James Bond Quote Quiz

Counting a lone television appearance, there have been eight actors that suited up for the role of Bond. Close, but "Russia" was second to "Dr. The classic boat chase in "Live and Let Die" is highlighted by a world-record-breaking jump. Nintendo hit the jackpot with the video game "Goldeneye," regarded as one of the great first-person shooters. Duran Duran performed the theme to 's "A View to a Kill. Some people believe Fleming was his own inspiration for the Bond character. In one of the more unfortunate Roger Moore comedy bits, he tells a tiger to sit, and the tiger complies.

His name is Bond, James Bond. But how well do you really know James Bond and the Bond films? How many times has he been married? While Bond has certainly driven many, many vehicles over the course of the twenty-four sanctioned Bond films, is most closely associated with the Aston Martin DB5. In what Bond film did this legendary car first appear?


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