A tale dark and grimm theme

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a tale dark and grimm theme

A Tale Dark & Grimm Quotes by Adam Gidwitz

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Published 31.12.2018

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Review of the Day: A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz

Hansel and Gretel were raised in a palace, but decide to run away the day they realize their parents do not really love them. Travelling through the wide world, they encounter danger and deception—and grow up a little in the process. Even as they begin to understand their parents, however, a new threat arises to their happiness. Only by defeating a dragon will they be able to return home and start their family anew. The result may shock some parents and educators, but will probably not faze most younger readers.

Forging Through Fiction and Surveying Stories

The premise is that these seemingly unconnected tales are actually all parts of one story. Staying true to his promise, the book is full of blood and gore and violence and death, but it also has a very healthy dose of humor and speaking directly to the reader, which helps counteract some of that. He routinely interrupts the story, offers multiple endings, and gives huge hints of what kinds of things the reader should expect. I found it clever and amusing, and I appreciated the more obscure tales that the author dragged out. And yes—when you read the originals, the amount of gore and casual eating of children and cutting off of body parts is kind of jarring. A lot.

Despite what the storybooks told you, Hansel and Gretel were actually a prince and princess. Gidwitz strings together several unrelated classic fairy tales with the theme of guilt. Even a seemingly innocent character like the princess Gretel wrestles with guilt. Hansel also struggles with shame. During another story, when he and Gretel live in Lebenwald, he finds himself increasingly bloodthirsty, to the point where Gretel fears for her life. Then, when he journeys into Hell in another fairy tale, he sees how much people are tortured by their own guilt, and has to wrestle with his own. He has a lot to come to terms with regarding his actions, in a way that not many books for children portray.


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    A Tale Dark and Grimm Tackling Big Themes. Despite what the storybooks told you, Hansel and Gretel were actually a prince and princess.

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