Richard emerson rhythm and colour

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richard emerson rhythm and colour

Rhythm & Colour Hb by Richard Emerson

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Published 31.12.2018

True Colors, arr. Emerson

Rhythm & Colour examines, for the first time, the life, work and loves of the avant- garde dancers, The book's author, Richard Emerson is an Art Historian.
Richard Emerson

Book of the week: Rhythm & Colour by Richard Emerson

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Allusions are made toward a love triangle between the fellow dancers. In , the trio would begin the Margaret Morris Summer School in Antibes on the French Riviera, becoming an integral part of the bohemian society that was captured by F. Hutton, however, was less fortunate — institutionalised for her mental illness in Harrow where she would remain until her dying day. But first there is the Club show to record. Margaret was frightfully upset after the Golden Idol dance because she thought she had not done it well, etc — she said she had actually had stage fright! I do hope she gets a good rest at Harlech. The dance afterwards was more enjoyable than the last few have been.

A big, framed, Edwardian sepia photograph of Margaret stood on the table beside the sofa. On the sofa Jim, glittering with amusement in the gloom, toying with a cigarette, asked questions, two cat bowls beside him, two more on the floor, under the coffee table. Noises outside showed that Robin Anderson was not far away. There was a Russian on a white charger who handed out her leaflets. He had seen the theatre in Saint-Paul.

But Richard Emerson has much to say as well about the artistic movements, cultural centres and luminaries of the first half of the twentieth century. Born in , Margaret Morris spent her first five years in France. By the time she was three, she was on stage, reducing audiences to tears and, on more than one occasion, acting in front of royalty. Serving as a kind of alternative Bloomsbury, the club attracted avant-garde writers and artists of the day, including Ezra Pound, Katherine Mansfield and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Morris also set up summer schools, for both adults and children, first at home — in Wales and Devon — and then in France. She makes an idiosyncratic eyewitness to the times, nonetheless.


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