Story of david and jonathan summary

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story of david and jonathan summary

The Prince: Jonathan by Francine Rivers

Behind the men who shaped history are the heroes who forever changed it. In The Prince, beloved author Francine Rivers illuminates the life of Jonathan.

In this new series of hardcover biblical novellas from beloved author Francine Rivers, each novella tells the story of one of five biblical men who stood behind the great heroes of the faith: Aaron the priest, Caleb the warrior, Jonathan the prince, Amos the prophet, and Silas the scribe. In the vein of the Lineage of Grace series, these books will entertain, challenge, and inspire, directing readers back to the Bible as the ultimate source of truth and hope.
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David and Jonathan - Heart of Friendship

Epic Friendships: David and Jonathan

The Philistines again threaten to attack Israel, this time taunting Israel with their new hero, Goliath—a giant more than nine feet tall. Saul and the Israelites tremble in fear, but David, arriving to deliver food to his brothers, offers to fight the giant. After attempting to kill David with a spear, Saul sends David on a suicide mission to kill a hundred Philistine men and bring back their circumcised foreskins. Saul orders his household to kill David, but, with the help of Michal and Jonathan, David flees from Saul. Preparing to fight the Philistines, Saul is wracked with fear and consults a witch, bidding the spirit medium to conjure up the dead spirit of Samuel.

The Bible is full of friendships — between God and people, and between people themselves. We can learn a lot about ourselves and our own relationships by looking at those in the Bible. What things in those relationships are similar to your life? What can we learn about God from them? David and Jonathan - they should have been enemies One of the most famous friendships of the Bible has to be that of David and Jonathan.


Jonathan was the son of Saul , king of Israel , of the tribe of Benjamin , and David was the son of Jesse of Bethlehem , of the tribe of Judah , and Jonathan's presumed rival for the crown. David became king. The covenant the two men had formed eventually led to David, after Jonathan's death, graciously seating Jonathan's son Mephibosheth at his own royal table instead of eradicating the former king Saul's line. The biblical text does not explicitly depict the nature of the relationship between David and Jonathan. The traditional and mainstream religious interpretation of the relationship has been one of platonic love and an example of homosociality. Some later Medieval and Renaissance literature drew upon the story to underline strong personal friendships between men, some of which involved romantic love and could be described as romantic relationships.

Login or register for tests, newsletters and community. Scroll to Top. Listen to the Story Your browser does not support the audio element. Windows Media Player Jonathan, the King's son, was kind. He was a good friend to David.


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