World famous poets and their poems

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world famous poets and their poems

Great Poems of the Western World by Famous Poets Press

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The Best Poem Ever Written

What is poetry? What is great poetry?
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The Greatest Poets of All Time

A distinctly American lyric voice of the colonial period was Phillis Wheatley — An African woman sold to slavery, Wheatley became a renowned poet in not only the American colonies but also in England and other nations. The first internationally acclaimed poet of independent United States was Henry Wadsworth Longfellow — However, he has been criticized for imitating European styles. The final emergence of a truly indigenous English-language poetry in the United States was achieved by Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson ; and they are regarded as among the greatest American writers. Late 19th century saw the emergence of the Modernist movement in poetry and U.

Jump to navigation. Observed every year on March 21, the World Poetry Day celebrates the emotional flow of words, rhyme, and rhythm of poets all across the world; it celebrates poetry, a fine representation of one's cultural and linguistic expression. Right from childhood, our English classes have been incomplete without various beautiful poems, which also motivated us to write few of our own. Read: 3 ways to improve your verbal communication skills. Read: Here's how you save your child from cyber bullying. For information on more such articles and news, click here.

Willian Shakespeare And Poetry

Some of us read poetry for an eager and fast escape from this world. On the other hand, some of us read poetry solely to share it with the ones we love.

The earliest surviving English poetry was composed as early as the 7th century. Most Old English poems are recorded without authors, and very few names are known with any certainty. Geoffrey Chaucer is the most highly regarded English poet of the Middle Ages 5th to 15th century. The 16th century marked the beginning of the English Renaissance whose towering figure was undoubtedly William Shakespeare. The early 17th century saw the emergence of a group of writers known as the Metaphysical poets , who were led by John Donne. The last quarter of the 18th century saw the emergence of the influential movement Romanticism.


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