Emotion and decision making explained

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emotion and decision making explained

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Published 01.01.2019

The War in the Mind of Humanity - Logic VS Emotions

Emotion and Decision-making Explained

Every time you think you've settled on something, the other option tugs you back to its side. You end up where you started: It's a draw. Should you make ever-more-detailed lists of pros and cons and seek advice from even more trusted sources? Or should you go with your gut? But according to the research of Jennifer Lerner, a professor of public policy and management at Harvard, that might be the exact wrong way to go about it.

What produces emotions? Why do we have emotions?
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Ever look back at some of the terrible decisions you've made and wondered, what was I thinking?, One way of thinking holds that the mental process of decision-making is or should be rational : a formal process based on optimizing utility. However, there are presently both theories and research focusing on the important role of emotions in decision-making.

Is it possible to explain the neuroscience of decision making in 30 seconds? I had a go as one of my contributions to a new book called Second Brain that's released in the USA today. Here's what I wrote:. Translating this perspective to neuroscience, one might imagine that successful decision making depends on the rational frontal lobes controlling the animalistic instincts arising from emotional brain regions that evolved earlier including the limbic system, found deeper in the brain. But the truth is quite different—effective decision making is not possible without the motivation and meaning provided by emotional input. He became a real life Mr. Spock, devoid of emotion.


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