Ann rule and ted bundy

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ann rule and ted bundy

The Stranger Beside Me: Ted Bundy: The Shocking Inside Story by Ann Rule

Like half the planet, my wife and I watched the Ted Bundy series on Netflix. For some reason, I decided I wanted more so I picked this up. Even though I scared the shit out of myself as a kid watching 20/20, Unsolved Mystery, and Dateline, true crime books arent normally my thing. This one was an easy, compelling read.

I find it fascinating that Ann Rule knew Ted Bundy and was writing a book about the Washington killings at the same time. Anyway, this book serves up a lot more information than the Netflix documentary series. It works a lot of gruesome details into the mix as well as eyewitness statements and elaborates on a lot of the points the documentary glosses over. It also mentions things that the documentary completely ignored, like some attacks Bundy perpetrated before the killing spree ever started, or the Idaho murders he confessed to.

The documentary is slanted a bit to make Ted Bundy look highly intelligent. In the book, its pretty apparent that while he was smart, luck and the negligence of people around him were big factors to his getting away with things for so long. You know, maybe keep your eye on the accused murderer who has already escaped once? Or keep an eye on the hacksaws in your jail?

Ann Rules perceptions of Ted Bundy effectively highlight his chameleon like abilities to snowball people and blend in anywhere. The details of the murders show what a cold blooded bastard he was. Hes not a folk hero or a heart throb, people! Ted Bundys trial is a damn circus. Yeah, we all know the mother fucker was guilty but it was a damn circus. It was like letting Charlie defend himself on an episode of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

While I wont say I actually enjoyed it, The Stranger Beside Me was a gripping true crime book.
Four out of five stars.
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Ted Bundy Biography

Ms Rule began volunteering at a suicide prevention hotline in Seattle in , and by coincidence worked alongside a handsome and sensitive young man named Ted Bundy. Ms Rule described how he she saw many of the qualities in him that he would go on to exploit gain the confidence of his victims.
Ann Rule

Too Close to Ted Bundy

She is best known for The Stranger Beside Me , about the serial killer Ted Bundy with whom Rule worked and whom she considered a friend, but was later revealed to be a murderer. Many of Rule's books center on murder cases that occurred in the Pacific Northwest and her adopted home state of Washington. Stackhouse , her mother was a teacher, specializing in developmentally disabled children, and her father was a football and track and field coach. Rule's grandfather and uncle were sheriffs in Michigan, another uncle was a medical examiner, and one cousin was a prosecutor. Rule spent summers with her grandparents doing volunteer work in the local jail. Rule also attended the University of Washington , studying creative writing, criminology, and psychology. Rule's career path included working as a law enforcement officer for the Seattle Police Department as well as writing for publications geared toward women.

She was She was working on a book about a series of unsolved murders in the Seattle area when the police in Utah arrested the man they believed to be the killer, a former law student named Theodore Robert Bundy. The name did more than ring a bell. In the early s Bundy had been a close friend and colleague, answering the suicide hotline with her on the night shift at the Seattle crisis center where they both volunteered. Initially, Ms. Rule refused to believe that Bundy was the killer.

True Crime Writing Tips from Ann Rule

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Rule died this past July, at the age of eighty-three, having become a best-selling author. But, in , Rule was a correspondent for True Detective magazine, writing lurid tabloid accounts of crime stories from Oregon to the Canadian border. In , Rule, still churning out articles, volunteered for a suicide hotline, and found herself working alongside a personable twenty-four-year-old college student named Ted Bundy. If Bundy or Rule felt that a caller was truly suicidal, they would signal the other to trace the call for emergency services. Rule describes spending hours alone with him—before the majority of his crimes, though likely not before his earliest attempts at kidnapping. Rule warms to him, considers him a friend. Bundy tells Rule of his illegitimate birth, how his grandmother posed as his mother.

The Stranger Beside Me is a autobiographical and biographical true crime book written by Ann Rule about the serial killer Ted Bundy , whom she knew personally before and after his arrest for a series of murders. Subsequent revisions of the book were published in , , , and The first few chapters following the brief introduction about Bundy's birth and family describe Rule's friendship with Bundy, her first impressions of him, and her reluctance to consider the evidence that he might be responsible for the crimes of which he was accused. She met Bundy in when he was a psychology student at the University of Washington , contemplating a career in law and politics. They worked together at a crisis center taking telephone calls from those contemplating suicide or facing other difficulties. Rule considered Bundy "kind, solicitous, and empathetic".

By David Robb. Ann Rule, the former co-worker and friend of serial killer Ted Bundy who went on to become a prolific true crime writer, has died. Several of her books were turned into TV movies, and she was a frequent guest on true crime TV shows, including 48 Hours. She died on Sunday after suffering a heart attack. She was Rule was a budding author in the early s, living in Seattle and working on a book about a local serial killer. After his arrest, she was convinced he was innocent, an opinion that changed after he escaped from jail and went on another killing spree in Florida.


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