God and death playing cards

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god and death playing cards

Quote by Terry Pratchett: “God does not play dice with the universe; He pl...”

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Published 01.01.2019

Spanish train- Chris de Burgh

God death playing cards

Merry Christmas! Please visit www. Inspiration for the creation of a deck of cards " ANCIENT EGYPT" is the story of the revival of ancient Egyptian civilization, as a factor of development and progress of human thought: the invention of writing, agriculture, trade, construction and mathematics. Think about it! It was 5, years ago when Greece and Rome were not in sight, this civilization has achieved the impossible and created the unimaginable. I hope that this project will be interesting and will cause positive emotions! All boxes are decorated with golden and silver foil, printed inside the background with the ancient hieroglyphs of the Egyptian writing.

Our campaign is based on SGD. However, please be reminded that we are in no way capable of predicting the fluctuation of the exchange rate of these two currencies for the period of this campaign. The photos shown below were taken with the prototype deck printed by Make Playing Cards. Hence, it doesn't reflect the actual beauty of the finished deck. Everything has its pair of opposites: the Yin and Yang or, the positive and negative.

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They played to decide whether the deceased would be going to Heaven or to Hell. They played with a deck of Death Playing Cards; of course! Now you can possess a deck of playing cards inspired by those used only in the afterlife. If they really exist; this is what they would look like. Welcome to Death Playing Cards.


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