Rock and roll forever will stand

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rock and roll forever will stand

Almost Paradise (Rock & Roll Forever, #1) by Mary J. Williams

One year. One rule. NO SEX.

Nobody said anything about falling in love.

What happens when the woman you want is the only one you can’t have? Jaxon Cross is about to find out that sometimes your deepest desires are out of your control.

Music was Jaxs life. He knew what he wanted—fame, fortune—and nothing would stand in his way. Then, he met Skye, and everything changed. Suddenly, she became part of his dreams. Too bad her family had other ideas.

Skye’s ambitions reached beyond her small hometown all the way to Hollywood. But teaching was a practical profession, acting wasn’t. When she met confident, heart melting Jax, she started to believe dreams might really come true. He offered her a way out. One year on the road with his band, Razor’s Edge. After that? The world.
But Skye was devoted to her family. Her father used guilt as a weapon, one she was powerless to defeat. He agreed to let her go on tour under one condition. A relationship with Jaxon Cross was off limits.

The heart wants what the heart wants and above all else, Jax wanted Skye. Not having her in his bed didn’t stop their love from growing stronger every day. But his feelings made him vulnerable. He thought she betrayed him, and their world imploded.

Five years later, Jax is on top of the world, one of the biggest rock stars in the world. He abandoned his old dreams for something new, something better—or so he told himself. He didn’t need love. He didn’t need Skye.

Secrets and lies tore them apart. Can an out of the blue second chance heal two broken hearts? Falling into bed is easy. Falling in love again could change everything.

A standalone rock star romance. Grab your copy today.

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The Showmen - IT WILL STAND

It Will Stand

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They took the entire planet by storm. Simply because it is the greatest record ever produced in the history of mankind, enough said. The Beatles really did a great number on this record they made the music that was so much more important than guitar, bass, drums, and vocals. That said, there were also great bands that came and followed in The Beatles footsteps and were rather more blues-influenced bands, like;. But these groups were just necessary pieces of the puzzle for such a band to stood out from the rest and until now it still stands out as the greatest;. Every musician practices a lot, and some took them years to turn things to perfection.

It was too loud, too pagan, too young, too black, too sexy, too shameless, too crude, just too, too, too! But, if you got it — you got it! It was the sound; of an ice age thawing, of continental plates shifting, of blood singing in the veins, of a door being thrown open so wide that nothing could ever close it. It was the sound of today and the sound of a million better tomorrows. It was the sound you had been waiting for all your life. It was the sound of destiny. It Will Stand was a top hit in and and a radio and Jukebox hit always and everywhere.

While he's away Andy will be covering things with his lovely wife on Double Bass and the amazingly talented Leona Caswell on vocals, guitar and stand up drums Not all at the same time. The music is mostly different rock n roll and retro dance tunes to the Rock n Roll Boys set lists, but the same popular formula of mixed tempos. Plus they will still be playing the partner dances in the breaks. Congratulations to the Maryborough United Hockey girls on your successes this year. Thanks for celebrating your Rock n Roll themed night with us at the maryboroughsportsclub. Loved the outfits.


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