Me and my girl review

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me and my girl review

Me and My Girl by C.N. Phillips

Impossible to put down, this fast paced romantic suspense ends with a major cliffhanger that will leave readers waiting breathlessly for more. Me and My Girl centers on Matise and her best friend Jordan. Matise has had feelings for Jordan for years but she is convinced that he would only see her as a friend. Because of that she locks down her heart and buries her feelings. When she discovers that Jordan is engaged, Matise blows her top. She didnt even know he was seeing anyone! Convinced that this girl must be a ho after his money and not his heart Matise vows to put an end to their relationship, but against her better judgement she discovers that she actually likes his fiance. Resigned to the fact that her one true love is going to get married off (at least its too a cool chick), she decides to make her booty call of six months an official boyfriend. Isaiah is hot and the sex is to die for. Matise decides that Isaiah will help her get over Jordan and who knows, she just may catch real feelings for him. Not all ends well though; Jordans fiance and Isaiah may have some dark secrets of their own. Fun, sexy, and full of intrigue.
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A under-explained beginning, ultimately balanced out by a rushed ending, sees chirpy cockney Bill Snibson Pidgen proclaimed the long-lost heir to the Earl of Hareford What? Cue many before-and-after Pygmalion-style vowel sounds.
C.N. Phillips

Me and My Girl – Review

A working class lad enters high society overnight, exposing the snobbery of some and bringing out the joie de vivre in others. Class tensions resolve in a dance-off between the haves and the have-nots. In fact, the programming of this classic cockney musical was more spontaneous than cynical. This story of a cockney barrow boy rushed from rags to riches gains an extra dimension on press night, when understudy Ryan Pidgen has to stand in for Lucas ordered to rest his voice. They need it, because there is zero drama.

D aniel Evans, artistic director of Chichester Festival theatre , acknowledges that when a director takes to the stage before a show begins, it usually means there is news. And in this case, his news sends a ripple of disappointment around the theatre: Matt Lucas , the star of Me and My Girl, has been advised by a throat specialist to rest his voice. So his understudy, Ryan Pidgen, will be playing the role of Bill Snibson, the cockney geezer who discovers — to the astonishment of all — that he is the next Duke of Hareford. The audience are not disappointed for long. Pidgen had only a few hours to practise, but it is hard to imagine he and his co-stars could have done a better job after a month of rehearsals.

When the first person to appear on stage is director Daniel Evans with a microphone in hand and not a hint of a tap dance in his step, you know that there is trouble ahead. The main musical production at Chichester is not merely an anchor for the entire season, each year it has delivered one smash hit after another - Gypsy , Guys and Dolls and many more - direct to the West End. So when Evans told the first night audience that the star of his Me And My Girl revival Matt Lucas had been ordered by doctors to rest his throat there was a gasp before the packed house rallied. The role of Bill Snibson - the rough and ready lovable Cockney who suddenly finds he is a member of the landed gentry - could have been written for Lucas. It has an endearing bluff campness about it, a real warmth and an earthy humour. That he did it in spades driving the reserved audience to a frenzied standing ovation is testament to something approaching theatrical magic.

This production seems almost certain to grace the West End in the run-up to Christmas. Of course the rags-to-riches yarn follows familiar territory — the softening of unsophisticated edges, accompanied by an equal softening in the initially stony and unaccepting hearts and minds of those in the exalted upper echelons. Opposing ends of the societal spectrum at first appall and later educate, accept and embrace each other.
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'There wasn't time to feel anything!': understudy Ryan Pidgen's big break





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