Richard siken snow and dirty rain

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richard siken snow and dirty rain

Snow And Dirty Rain Quotes (4 quotes)

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Published 05.01.2019

Postcards from Richard Siken

Every day in April, you put a poem in our lunch boxes to celebrate poetry month. Now, the internet is your lunchbox and every month is April.

“Snow and Dirty Rain” by Richard Siken

I absolutely love this poem I absolutely love all of Richard Siken's poems. And Neruda's Sonnet XVII is another on of my favorites, so I'm excited to keep searching through your blog and discover more good stuff! Reading that was quite an experience, at times it was so dramatic and the imagery was incredibly intense and affecting. I'm not nearly as eloquent with my words but trust me when I say that I really, really love that. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Snow and Dirty Rain. Close your eyes. A lover is broken in the brown dirt. And then's it's gone. Richard Siken. Posted by Alexandra at
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Close your eyes. A lover is standing too close to focus on. Imagine my legs crossed, my hair combed, the shine of my boots in the slatted light. We can do anything. Bring your friends. The lawn drowned, the sky on fire, the gold light falling backward through the glass of every room. Is that too much to expect?

Names of spells and names of hexes, names cursed quietly under the breath, or called out loudly to fill the yard, calling you inside again, calling you home. Nicknames and pet names and baroque French monikers, written in shorthand, written in longhand, scrawled illegibly in brown ink on the backs of yellowing photographs, or embossed on envelopes lined with gold. Names called out across the water, names I called you behind your back, sour and delicious, secret and unrepeatable, the names of flowers that open only once, shouted from balconies, shouted from rooftops, or muffled by pillows, or whispered in sleep, or caught in the throat like a lump of meat. I try, I do. I try and try.



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