Fire and iron mc history

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fire and iron mc history

Devils Iron MC Series by G.M. Scherbert

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Published 05.01.2019

Fire & Iron MC at the roller derby

Many firefighters would say their job is their life, but we know, in reality, there is so much more. In this new column, Firehouse explores some of the ways firefighters build stronger, healthier or more well-rounded lives during their off-duty hours.

Off Duty: Fire Service Motorcycle Clubs

In several members of Orange County fire rescue got together during Biketoberfest and started talking about forming a motorcycle club. They had looked into other clubs, but were not happy with them due to the many rules or being brand specific. During this meeting, Joe Chez, who had a background in the Wolf Pack MC, got up to go to the bathroom and was immediately voted chapter President while he was gone. Mike Eller was voted the first Vice President. Our Fire and Iron name came from our profession.

That time again dumb shits for a piece of my demented brain and the thoughts that come out of it. Well since I have tattoos all over the dumb ass cop asked- What kind of Scooter do you ride? I pause and ask him what? He goes What kind of Scooter do you ride. So I said I have a Jincheng. Inside joke here I own a Softail but not telling king pork any shit even as something as small as what kind of scooter I have. Stunned because this ass thought he knew what the hell he was talking about I started to walk away.

I sat behind the rider on a big Harley, hoping I would keep my seat and wondering why at silver-haired and nearly 60, I was doing this. He booted the kickstand up and gunned the motor. For a split-second we felt weightless. Then the engine's syncopated beat rose up through the frame, and our laughter trailed behind us. Riders come to the Hill Country for the rocky heights and rivered depths, the feeling of the road racing under the wheels like the passage of time, and the crest of the hill a gateway to mystery.

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July 20, - Methane Memorial Ride. President : Rob "RoomKey" Ashby. Vice President : Jason "Biggin" Grannis While having a few beers they started talking about different Fire clubs and how none seemed to be the right fit for them. They had looked into other clubs, but were not happy with them due to the many rules or being brand specific. The talk then turned to them forming their own club. First they needed a name.

It also embraces the regalia and traditions of outlaw biker gangs — a choice that has provoked deadly clashes with other groups. The Iron Order club insists it is a law-abiding, charitable brotherhood of family men who just like to ride. But experts say its members are increasingly becoming entangled in violence with other biker groups, blurring the line between professionals who are sworn to uphold the law and a biker culture with a long history of criminal activity. The latest skirmish happened Saturday, when the Iron Order and the Mongols motorcycle club clashed in a brawl that left a Mongols member dead. The two groups blame each other for inciting the violence at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo , a gathering of biker groups from across the country. Police are not sure what set off the fight, which left seven other people shot, stabbed or beaten.


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