Difference between hearing voices and intrusive thoughts

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difference between hearing voices and intrusive thoughts

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Published 05.01.2019

What is psychosis?

Voices in people's heads more complex than previously thought

In this introduction we present the orthodox account of auditory verbal hallucinations AVHs , a number of worries for this account, and some potential responses open to its proponents. With some problems still remaining, we then introduce the problems presented by the phenomenon of thought insertion, in particular the question of how different it is supposed to be from AVHs. We then mention two ways in which theorists have adopted different approaches to voices and thoughts in psychosis, and then present the motivation and composition of this special issue. AVHs are also seen in a range of other psychiatric disorders including bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and anorexia disorder and are experienced by a minority of the non-clinical population Beavan et al. Jones captures this heterogeneity nicely in the following.

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During my visits to my GP and my therapist I have mentioned about what is happening in my head which my GP seems to think is voices while my therapist see as negative automatic thoughts. The best way I can describe it as having at least two people in my head. Myself at the front of my head and these other people at the back of my head. It may sound like someone I know, or be unfamiliar, male or female, sometimes I cannot say. Sometimes it will talk directly to me, sometimes will ask me questions and I feel the compulsion to answer occasionally out loud , sometimes I will hear conversation about me until I interrupt. They also seem to be closely related to my moods and I can sometimes identify different emotions in what or who I hear or which part of my head they come from.


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