Whole plant based diet and lupus

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whole plant based diet and lupus

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Published 06.01.2019

She Healed Severe Lupus With Raw Foods in 90 days!

Six Week Raw Vegan Nutrition Protocol Rapidly Reverses Lupus Nephritis: A Case Series

This week I was lucky enough to have Marie Zeal on the show to share her story of how she discovered a low fat, whole food, plant-based diet and healed her body from Lupus. If you're living with Lupus, more and more people are discovering their bodies recover significantly once they remove saturated animal fats from their diet and switch to a diet high in plant foods. Marie had been living with Lupus for 7 years prior to discovering a plant based diet and her transformation, every muscle in her body aching constantly, along with chronic and debilitating joint pain. Marie was surviving on a cocktail of medication when she stumbled across the documentary Hungry For Change which changed her life over night. These days Marie loves juicing, working out, travelling and living her life to the fullest, free from the medications and symptoms that had been plaguing her life, in fact she hasn't even caught a cold since changing her diet!

There is a strong body of evidence suggesting that plant-based diets are beneficial for reducing mortality and metabolic risk. Although less studied, plant-based diets may also have great potential for managing symptoms of autoimmune disease, such as systemic lupus erythematosus sle. This case series details 2 patients with SLE-related nephritis: a year-old female Case 1 and a year old-male Case 2. Her energy and joint pain levels also significantly improved. However, this patient experienced challenges with adhering to the diet, and it was clear that whenever he deviated from it, symptoms reappeared and eGFR worsened. Potential mechanisms underpinning this improvement include reduced inflammation, fueled by omega-3 intake, and improvements in oxidative stress, fueled by intake of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. These 2 cases experienced significant improvements due to dietary changes alone, suggesting that researchers may consider a randomized trial of raw, WFPB diets as a means of managing SLE.

This is not a story about weight loss but a story about a miracle.
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    Episode 40 A Whole Food, Plant-Based Diet Heals Lupus — Corinne Nijjer

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    GOODBYE LUPUS, HELLO PLANTS! | Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine

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    My journey to becoming vegan began long before I ever became a doctor— even before I entered adulthood.

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