Guy and girl best friend goals

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guy and girl best friend goals

Best Friend Quotes (104 quotes)

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Published 06.01.2019

Can Men And Women Just Be Friends?

boy best friend goals

There's nothing like finding someone who totally gets you. They understand your quirks, they have the same sense of humor as you, they always have your back and you can't help but fall in love with them. No, we're not talking about a significant other; we're talking about best friends! These people stay in your life through thick and thin, through a multitude of relationships and of course, all of the varying stages of life. If you and your BFF have been besties for a long time, you know how deep this relationship can go.

Top definition. Boy Bestfriend unknown. Girl1:you guys are really close is that you boyfriend?
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Part of why we love watching TV shows and movies is, of course, the characters. - You love your best friend more than anything, and you want the whole world to know.

There comes a time when you get a slight inclination that you are no longer just friends with your BFF, but more like in a relationship with them. Whether it's to the mall or even just the bathroom, you cannot go more than a few days or even a few minutes without separation anxiety. It's like you're handcuffed together. Finding yourself taking a mirror picture in the dressing room, then sending 10 pictures with the comment "which one do you like best??? It's like double the clothes for half the price. It's a constant shuffle of clothes and outfits from one closet to the other.

For accepting your love-crazy phase, your dramatic phase, your rebellious phase or any other random phase you went through. For giving you the best guy advice and making you realize how clueless you really are. For keeping your secrets—the ones you can never tell your girl friends. For letting you interrupt him while he is watching an important game to tell him something. For introducing you to the new somewhat disgusting slang and things guys talk about. For blocking all the douchebags from talking to you when you are out having fun.

Here is a huge collection of best friend quotes. Best friends are very important people in our lives, they are always there both in good times and bad times. We need such friends to share our happiness and challenges with. Here are some quotes about best friends. I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy.


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    34 Things Every Woman With a Male Best Friend Understands, Because No, You're Not Dating

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