Darcy from home and away

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darcy from home and away

Darcy Shore (Author of Home and Away)

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Kyle, Phoebe, Casey and Darcy 3rd July 2014

Home and Away 's Heath Braxton will face further drama when his daughter Darcy disappears with his new baby son. Heath Dan Ewing and Bianca Lisa Gormley are happy that their relationship seems to be back on track following their trip to London, but Bianca is still struggling to cope with having baby Harley around.
Darcy Shore

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She's the cousin of Casey Sharpe Braxton. Darcy's mother, Tegan was in a relationship with Darcy's uncle, Brax, however they broke up, and Tegan had fling with Brax's brother, Heath, as a result, Tegan became pregnant. Darcy believes her father is Darryl Braxton and she loves spending time with him. However, Tegan later reveals her real father is Darryl's brother, Heath. After Tegan dies in car crash during the storm Tegan's mother Connie Callahan gets custody of Darcy and allows Heath to have her over as Darcy needs a dad.

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When my husband and I became parents a decade ago, we were not prepared for the ways in which sexism was about to express itself in our relationship. Like me, he was enthralled by our daughters. Like him, I worked outside the home. Thinking about my own relationship, and watching the other couples I knew, I kept wondering: Why is this still happening? The optimistic tale of the modern, involved dad has been greatly exaggerated. Mothers still shoulder 65 percent of child-care work.

Darcy was the daughter of Tegan Callahan and well-acquainted with the Braxtons, who all seemed fond of her. She returned to the area with her mother and was first seen greeting Brax by the beach and asking him to watch her surf; she also cheerily greeted Casey when they ran into each other shortly afterwards. She also told Darcy that Brax was her father and brought her to hospital to see him. Cheryl invited Darcy and Tegan to the house to spend the day with her, Brax and Casey, where Darcy gave Brax a photograph of herself. Brax later met Darcy on the beach and gave her a surfboard as a belated birthday present.


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    Home and Away 's Heath Braxton will be left devastated when he is faced with the prospect of losing his young daughter Darcy.

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