Relationships in of mice and men

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relationships in of mice and men

Of Mice and Men Quotes by John Steinbeck

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Of Mice and Men - Characters - John Steinbeck

How strong is George and Lennie's relationship in Of Mice and Men.

Of Mice and Men, by John Steinbeck is a short novel that exhibits many forms of interactions with other people and different types of relationships. Lennie, George, Candy, and Slim show the most friendship within the novel, and they help each other through hard times. The relationship that is most prevalent through out the novel is that between George and Lennie. George is always helpful to Lennie, in almost all circumstances. We first see this in the beginning of the story when the two of them are at the pond, and Lennie bends over to drink the dirty water. In the bunkhouse, George was telling Slim about the relationship that he and Lennie used to have, when George liked to play tricks on him. He damn near drowned before we could get to him.

Of Mice and Men by: John Steinbeck. Important Quotations Explained. Due to his mild mental disability, Lennie completely depends upon George, his friend and traveling companion, for guidance and protection. The two men share a vision of a farm that they will own together, a vision that Lennie believes in wholeheartedly. Gentle and kind, Lennie nevertheless does not understand his own strength.

Comparing Chapters 1 and 6 in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck Steinbeck uses the opening of his novel to introduce to us the main characters of the novel and also to hint at the forthcoming events that are yet to come in the novel. In the opening Steinbeck describes the setting as a tranquil and peaceful scene, which is almost like the Garden of Eden this, is almost too good to be true this also describe George and Lennie's dream. Everything in the setting. George is a responsible man and has travelled with Lennie for many years, despite the troubles that Lennie gets them both in. This is the their goal and this is in my opinion, the whole meaning of the story.

John Steinbeck shows us that friendship is a valuable thing to have in the novel Of Mice and Men. The book expresses how friendship can get you through hard times and help you keep going. Two of the characters in the novel named George and Lennie, have a relationship.
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