Are women human and other international dialogues

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are women human and other international dialogues

Are Women Human?: And Other International Dialogues by Catharine A. MacKinnon

I am presently visiting my dear girlfriend at her restaurant where she works, reading Barthes, and Alex (her name) said to me that she is hungry and wondering if she should put an order in in the kitchen. I know that some cooks back there suck at cooking, so I asked who is working. Alex said, So-and-so, he kinda sucks at cooking. I told her, tell him youre really hungry, so make you a really good burger. Alex said, He hates women. Which is to say, she isnt allowed to be really hungry and demand of some dude a really good burger like I might be able to. Which is why all I can think is how I want men to stop being disgusting and full of ungrounded hate and just make really good burgers for women.

I once was talking with a dude my age online who identified with the alt-right before it had coalesced into a cultural phenomenon worthy of MSNBCs reporting, before I could mention it in public without worried citizens being worried that just by my mentioning that these people exist that I sympathize or even relate with them, and this anon dude online, trusting me, and knowing that I had real-world encounters with women, asked me whether women were actually human, and although we were speaking on AOL instant messenger, I could see his eyes earnestly looking into mine with all sincerity; he really wanted to know whether women were human. As someone who is about to spend a significant amount of my life in a classroom with the youth of America, all I can think is, I hope I can convince a generation of young men that women are human, and that they (young men) need to go out and convince their friends of this too. I just find it unforgivable that men arent doing this at every opportunity that they can and should, and so (I do and) I want to do this much more explicitly in my life. Because women like really good burgers, and really good burgers are really good, and women deserve really good burgers when theyre hungry.
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The New Deal - the International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding

More than half a century after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights defined what a human being is and is entitled to, Catharine MacKinnon asks: Are women human yet? If women were regarded as human, would they be sold into sexual slavery worldwide; veiled, silenced, and imprisoned in homes; bred, and worked as menials for little or no pay; stoned for sex outside marriage or burned within it; mutilated genitally, impoverished economically, and mired in illiteracy--all as a matter of course and without effective recourse? The cutting edge is where law and culture hurts, which is where MacKinnon operates in these essays on the transnational status and treatment of women.
Catharine A. MacKinnon

Are Women Human?

Are Women Human? MacKinnon Cambridge, Mass. MacKinnon describes the extent and nature of violence against women in the context of the national and international legal frameworks that do a better or more usually worse job of countering it. Both the facts and the arguments are hard-hitting. It is hard to disagree with her central thesis that much violence against women has the severity of a human rights violation.

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Common Knowledge

Reviewed by: Are Women Human? MacKinnon , Are Women Human? MacKinnon no longer has a "known location," because in the wake of her decade's work with Bosnian women, there are Bosnian men who want her dead in the street. That, beyond the unimpeachable chop required to look into this abyss, tells just how dangerous it is to deal with human rights now. Especially for acolytes of the philosophical and cultural imagination, this tour of the real is essential reading. It helps our imaginations become responsible to the conditions of this life, without which fidelity our imaginings and enactments will have only regrettable meaning. This book substantiates three main points: 1 rape is not new as a genocidal practice, though in Bosnia and Rwanda it grew clearer that the practice is not epiphenomenal; 2 the law and our will as nations to enforce it are the context in which we now define and defend humanity as humanity; 3 pornography's protection as free speech is a loophole in the law, which renders women, under the law, less than human.


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