Leadership and legacy in history

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leadership and legacy in history

A Leaders Legacy by James M. Kouzes

In this provocative book, leadership experts and authors of the best-selling The Leadership Challenge, Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner take on a unique challenge and explore the question of leadership and legacy. Kouzes and Posner examine in twenty-two chapters the critical questions all leaders must ask themselves in order to leave a lasting impact. These powerful essays are grouped into four categories: Significance, Relationships, Aspirations, and Courage. In each essay the authors consider a thorny and often ambiguous issue with which todays leaders must grapple issues--such as how leaders serve and sacrifice, why leaders need loving critics, why leaders should want to be liked, why leaders cant take trust for granted, why its not just the leaders vision, why failure is always an option, why it takes courage to make a life, how to liberate the leader in everyone, and ultimately, how the legacy you leave is the life you lead.
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2015 NHD National Finalist: The Leadership and Legacy of Robert Oppenheimer

Leadership and Legacy in History. Theme, Topics, and Thesis.

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This blog post came to me after recently seeing numerous online headlines about our 44 th President seeking to establish his legacy. These articles attracted my interest because they were contrary to my understanding of the subject of legacy. I was taught as a young person getting started in life that your every action, decision, and example would contribute to your integrity, character, perceptions, reputation, and eventually a well-deserved legacy. So, it is easy to see why I was confused by these articles and their focus when our President is almost complete with his eight-year presidency and he is also well into the latter years of his professional career. Leaders who lead organizations with a focus on building a legacy can be very challenging to those who work for and with them. Organizations are best served by leaders who focus their efforts, energies, and resources towards accomplishing the vision, mission, and goals.

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Leaders Keeping Resolutions

Endings have a way of causing leaders to pause and reflect. Sometimes those reflections are born from the circumstances of what we see and experience around us in the present moment. These reflections produce either a sense of affirmation that all is well, or that something needs to change; that the present situation can be better. In these times, we turn our attention to the future and what could be. According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology Dec. While it may be tempting to bail on this tradition altogether, this may be an indication that we need more frequent resolutions. We recall the good times—experiences and relationships.

During the school year, National History Day invites students to research topics related to the theme Leadership and Legacy in History. Examples of leadership can be found almost anywhere — in the military, politics, government, communities, social movements, or in fields such as science, the arts, education, religion and economics. Topics can come from any geographic area or time period. Local history and world history make equally good sources of NHD topics, and you can explore your interests from ancient history to more recent events. Try browsing your textbooks, flipping through TV channels, talking with teachers and parents, or even scrolling through Facebook or Twitter for topics that interest you. Just remember, your topic must relate to Leadership and Legacy.


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    Endings Draw Attention to the Past

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