Old dog from fox and the hound

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old dog from fox and the hound

The Fox and The Hound by Daniel P. Mannix

To anyone else thinking of reading this, Its not the Disney film most children grew up with. This isnt a bad thing, in fact it gives the novel much more poignant depth than the film ever had in its cutesy friendship theme, but if youre an animal-lover, Id proceed with caution. The Fox and the Hound novel is also deeper in the sense that it highlights the intense cultural differences between the days of rural farm life and more developed 1960s society. The book begins in a world where hunting is less a sport and more a matter of survival and a way to make a living. As time goes on, the act of hunting becomes a way to settle an age-old vendetta. Im not sure how to feel about that. It seems rather petty to vow to dedicate your entire life towards hunting down a fox that got your pet dog killed. But I guess if youre the town wino who spends most of your time hunting anyway, youve got nothing better to do. Unlike the burly lumberjack-esque hunters of most classic fiction, this novel also features a female hunter alongside the guy and his dog, which was interesting - although, again, shes not the same gentle old widow Disney painted her out to be.

The Fox and the Hound was one of several books they pulled from the shelves at my elementary school (ironically they left Where the Red Fern Grows alone, and that was the one that had a dog getting disemboweled alive on a thorny tree branch). Id grown up just assuming the novel was a slightly less childish version of the Disney film, so it was a whole new experience to see the differences between the two. What I liked about the novel is that, as dark as it was, its not just a straightforward man-and-his-dog type story. Its a story of revenge getting out of control to the point of obsession. Im not sure it was ever intended to be purely a childrens story, since its themes seem to run more complex than that, and it seems like it would have scared most children. I wouldve hated this book if I were fifteen years younger.
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The Fox and the Hound (Mickey Rooney, Kurt Russell)

Part of the reason was good old fashioned politics. So much so that one of said new bloods left with some colleagues to start up the first company to ever rival Disney, at least in the 80s.
Daniel P. Mannix

I'm Still Not Over...Tod and Copper in 'The Fox and the Hound'

He is the pet of Amos. Chief is usually mean and has a bit of a short temper. Even though he used to hate Tod with a passion and tried to kill him along with his master Amos Slade , he was always nice to Copper and was kind of like his foster father and mentor like Shadow. Even though he was at first initially dismissive of the young puppy that Amos intends to train as a hunting dog, he developed a liking to the hound puppy named Copper , and becomes a surrogate father figure to him. Chief usually stays around his doghouse for the first part of the movie, but is responsible for chasing Tod when the fox comes to see his best friend Copper.

Chief is an old Irish Wolfhound and a secondary antagonist in Disney's film The In The Fox and the Hound, Chief is one of Amos Slade's hunting dogs.
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Comparing Disney films with their original stories.

Tod is a fox and one of the titular protagonists. He becomes best friends with Copper the hound dog, despite the two being natural enemies. Copper is a hound dog specifically a bloodhound from the look of him and one of the titular protagonists. He becomes best friends with Tod the fox, despite the two being natural enemies. Big Mama is an owl that appears to live close to Widow Tweed's home.

Dinky is a small bird who's best friend seems to be Boomer. His and Boomer's main goal during the course of the movie is to capture Squeaks, a caterpillar always able to somehow elude them. Tod is an orphaned fox who's mother is shot by a hunter not long after leaving him by a fence post. Big Mama sees the action unfold and feels sorry for the little fox, so she finds a way to make a plan. She calls on the help of Dinky and Boomer and they eventually get Widow Tweed to adopt the young orphan. He befriends a young hound dog named Copper, who is supposed to be his enemy, but they become inseperable. Reality hits hard when Copper is sent off on a hunting trip and is taught to be a true hunting dog.


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    The Fox and the Hound is a American animated drama film produced by Walt Disney Productions and loosely based on the novel of the same name by Daniel P. Mannix. The 24th Disney animated feature film, the film tells the story of two unlikely friends, a red fox named Tod and a hound dog named Copper . However, the transition between the old guard and the new resulted in.

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    I'm Still Not OverTod and Copper in 'The Fox and the Hound' | inti-revista.org

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    Mickey Rooney and John McIntire in The Fox and the Hound () Mickey Rooney . apart, to the day when the two old comrades' bond is put to the ultimate test. hound puppy named Copper and introduces him to his hunting dog Chief.

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