Every child matters and the coalition government

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every child matters and the coalition government

Richard Barker (Author of Every Child Matters and the Coalition Government)

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Published 08.01.2019

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Is the Coalition ditching Every Child Matters?

It is one of the most important policy initiative which has been introduced and development in relation to children and children's services of the last decade, and has been described as a "sea change" to the children and families agenda. Every Child Matters covers children and young adults up to the age of 19, or 24 for those with disabilities. Each of these themes has a detailed framework attached which is required for multi-agency partnerships to work together in order to achieve. The agencies in partnership may include children's centres, early years, schools, children's social work services, primary and secondary health services, playwork, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health services CAMHS. In the past it has been argued that children and families have received poorer services because of the failure of professionals to understand each other's roles or to work together effectively in a multi-disciplinary manner. ECM seeks to change this, stressing that it is important that all professionals working with children are aware of the contribution that could be made by their own and each other's service and to plan and deliver their work with children and young people accordingly.

The Coalition also works to preserve existing law and policy important to keeping children safe and healthy.
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T he coalition government has distanced itself from the rhetoric of what we used to call the Every Childs Matters agenda; a raft of new policies is now occupying the ideological foreground. The Department for Education has refreshed its website removing and archiving ECM content as if it were already a period in the local government history book.

Advancing Race and Ethnicity in Education pp Cite as. In a climate of austerity and radical change in education, this chapter considers the challenges faced by Black parents to find ways to achieve the best educational outcomes for their children in an ever selective and competitive educational environment. It examines the current educational climate and some recent policy directions and legislation, and it demonstrates the need for Black pupils to develop greater resilience in order to succeed in an education system set up to increase the purchasing power of the White middle class to the disadvantage of Black pupils. The impact of these changes will be considered in relation to Black pupils, particularly as they often come from the most disadvantaged communities. For the purpose of this chapter Black predominately refers to Black African, Black Caribbean and Black other groups, but does not exclude other minority groups who also experience inequality as a result of government policy.

The Labour Government acknowledged this tragedy with compassion, frank accountability, and a thorough, holistic, comprehensive legislative response that demonstrated some of the best joined-up thinking witnessed in any Government policy formulation. Victoria was an eight year old girl, who came to Europe from West Africa, in the hope of a better life. She died of hypothermia, she had also suffered a heart attack, along with kidney and respiratory failure, after months of torture and neglect, inflicted by her brutal, sadistic great aunt, Marie Therese Kouao, and her boyfriend, Carl Manning. Manning beat Victoria with a bicycle chain. She spent her last days in an unheated bathroom, tied up in a bin bag, lying in her own urine and excrement.


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