Goblin queen princess and the goblin

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goblin queen princess and the goblin

Character profile for Goblin Queen from The Princess and the Goblin (Princess Irene and Curdie, #1) (page 1)

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The Princess And The Goblin Part 7

Curdie's Clue

ALL the rest went up the mountain, and separated in groups to the homes of the miners. Curdie and his father and mother took Lootie with them. And the whole way, a light, of which all but Lootie understood the origin, shone upon their path. But when they looked round they could see nothing of the silvery globe. Curdie saw that something must be done. He spoke to his father and the rest of the miners, and they at once proceeded to make another outlet for the waters. They built it securely up, and then went back to their labors in the mine.

When a peaceful kingdom is menaced by an army of monstrous goblins, a brave and beautiful princess joins forces with a resourceful peasant boy to rescue the noble king and all his people. The lucky pair must battle the evil power of the wicked goblin prince armed only with the gift of song, the miracle of love, and a magical shimmering thread. In a mountainous kingdom, the widowed King leaves to attend affairs of state, leaving his beloved daughter, the sweet Princess Irene, alone with her nursemaid, Lootie. When Irene is on an outing with Lootie, she runs away on purpose, and Lootie cannot find her. When sun sets, Irene is lost in a sinister forest, and is attacked when a clawed hands bursts through the earth and attempts to seize her kitten, Turnip. Several deformed animals corner the frightened Princess, until a strange singing sounds through the trees, driving them into a crazed and frightened fit, and they flee.

According to legend, this "strange race" may once have been men, however, they were long driven below ground by severe taxes or stricter laws, or something. Although the goblins are now no longer men, they were once so and achieved their present terrible state due to some unspecified persecution. The narrator also reminds his reader that despite appearances, these goblins may not be as inhumane as they look: "They had enough of affection left for each other to preserve them from being absolutely cruel for cruelty's sake to those that came in their way; but still they so heartily cherished the ancestral grudge against those who occupied their former possessions and especially against the descendants of the king who had caused their expulsion. Our sympathies obviously lie with the inhabitants above ground and the Princess Irene, despite the fact that perhaps these goblins would not be hatching their dastardly plots if Irene's ancestors had not driven them below ground in the first place. Indeed, although we only meet Irene's King-Papa briefly, it is difficult to imagine this heroic figure astride his white steed having any dealings with the goblins. MacDonald does not intend for his audience to like the goblins. Our failure to sympathize with the goblins is on purpose.

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She is Froglip 's mother. Every time her husband, the Goblin King , doesn't manage to finish a sentence due to having a cold or doesn't know what those parts of feet are, she often finishes and calls him "stupid" or an "idiot". She is the only goblin to ever wear shoes made of stone , but that is for distinction; she has six toes on each foot as revealed later. She and her husband, the King, plan to flood the mines and get rid of the "sun people", but she accepts her son's plan for him to marry Irene and force the humans to accept goblins as their leaders. Later, when Curdie has been listening to the Goblins' next plan during which, the Queen is shown feeding bugs to Froglip, and Froglip's plan was involving Princess Irene , he accidentally falls. After Curdie whacks the goblins' feet with a stone club, it is useless on the Queen's shoes; instead of breaking her shoes, he ends up breaking the club. She violently kicks Curdie into a cave and orders that a boulder be pushed to seal him in.


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