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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry Into Values by Robert M. Pirsig

Maybe its unfair to give a poor rating to a book I read in high school. However, I like to think that I was wise beyond my years and knew a phony, self-congratulatory, pretentious buffoon when I saw one. On the other hand, I did wear baggy overalls with Birkenstocks every day back then and wondered why I didn’t have a boyfriend, so clearly I didn’t know everything.

But as I read through the reviews here, I am confronted by a rush of unpleasant memories about this particular reading experience. The narrator did indeed seem like a dick. And he may have been okay with that, because I got the impression that he’s one of those guys who doesn’t care if he comes off as a dick, because his purpose in life is to Figure It All Out, and disseminate his impressive knowledge to the masses of sheep-like mouth-breathers who wandered into Waldenbooks and picked up a mass-market paperback copy of his masterpiece. Their lives will be changed! The narrator is too busy unraveling the mysteries of the universe to bother with being likable. It’s a sacrifice, but someone has to do it. We should be thanking him!

And this is just an aside, but part of me always wonders if there is something wrong with me, or if I’m an elitist or delusional because I’ve never read a “life-changing” book. That’s right: a book has never changed me. I read as a kind of re-affirmation of what I think I already know, somewhere deep down. Or I simply read to experience the pleasure of a good story. I’ve put a book down and thought to myself, “Boy, that was a good book. I’m in such a pleasant/ponderous/gloomy mood now. Well done!” But never have I put down a book and thought, “Before I read this, I was wandering around on this thing we call Earth with the wrong ideas about life/people/religion/mechanical engineering, but now I have been enlightened. From this point forward, my life will be different. I will be a better person.” I don’t know. Maybe I just have a bad attitude, or think that I’m smarter than everyone else. Maybe I’m no better than our friend Mr. Pirsig. If you think that may be the case, I suppose you can just ignore this review completely and read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

But! If you think I’m just like Pirsig, you would want to heed my advice about this book and avoid it, wouldn’t you? Aha! You see, you can’t like us both, otherwise the universe will implode. Or will it? Perhaps it is no more than a conundrum I have devised out of sheer malice and a masturbatory sense of self-importance. Perhaps I am full of shit. You’ll never know for sure.

You can’t escape this philosophy-ninja’s intellectual trap. Don’t even try.
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Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - A BBC Radio Drama Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values However, if you purchase this 25th edition of the book as I did, BE WARNED.
Robert M. Pirsig

Robert Pirsig: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance author dies aged 88

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I have to admit that I was very dubious about this book but after so many people recommended it to me and given the many good reviews it has received I finally decided to give it a go. And do you know what, I was not This has been bought for my brother who is a keen motorcyclist and is trying to make his vintage bike roadworthy. At the moment I cannot give a review but I'm sure he will love it as he specifically asked for it. Please sign in to write a review. If you have changed your email address then contact us and we will update your details.

Pirsig , is a book that was first published in It is a work of fictionalized autobiography, and is the first of Pirsig's texts in which he explores his Metaphysics of Quality. The title is an apparent play on the title of the book Zen in the Art of Archery by Eugen Herrigel. In its introduction, Pirsig explains that, despite its title, "it should in no way be associated with that great body of factual information relating to orthodox Zen Buddhist practice. It's not very factual on motorcycles , either.

On Monday, Robert M. Although the author wrote just two works, ZAMM and "Lila: an Inquiry into Morals," Pirsig's philosophical outlook on life has still managed to help multiple generations make sense of life's journey. About two years ago, I found a copy of ZAMM abandoned in the bushes outside my neighborhood laundromat. Not one to pass up a free book, I picked it up and got to reading it. The novelistic autobiography , as ZAMM came to be called, tells the story of Pirsig's motorcycle journey across the country with his son, but it is so much more than just an adventure tale. Through his journey, Pirsig manages to explain his entire philosophy on life, creating a manifesto through motorcycle maintenance. These are what stick with you long after you put the book down and help reshape your perspective.


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