I m in the pursuit of happiness and i know

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i m in the pursuit of happiness and i know

Quote by Kid Cudi: “Im on the pursuit of happiness and I know, eve...”

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Published 09.01.2019

Kid CuDi Pursuit Of Happiness

Will Smith Talks About "The Pursuit of Happyness"

My versions of happiness may not be your cup of tea, but the stimulus for happiness is subjective and thus hard to measure objectively. What is the definition of happiness? So if the feeling of happiness is hard to define, then what? The solution to understanding feelings like happiness is through examination and experimentation, and by that I mean science. Compared with misery, happiness has come out virtually unscathed in the study of social science. The progressive nature of humans to distort nature has had some dire consequences for the human brain. Let's be honest here, our barely evolved brains are struggling to handle the modern world properly.

Kid Cudi first came to my attention in by a friend I was working with. I remember listening to the Man on the Moon album then and thinking, wow! This is really poignant. Funny how life works; this album was brought to my attention recently when, once again, I am at a crossroads in life. The idea of pursuing happiness is not a new one, nor is it unique to any person individually or as a group. I think most of us, to a certain degree pursue happiness.

Peterson’s 12 rules

On the album, the track is titled " Pursuit of Happiness Nightmare ", following the album's dream sequence. Cudi later performed the song on September 23, , on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While everyone is having a good time, the whole party goes into a slow-motion state. The second music video released, directed by Megaforce, shows Kid Cudi waking up and interacting with a swiveling couch, and a party scene. The members of Ratatat are featured. Upon the songs release, American electro house DJ Steve Aoki , produced a remix of "Pursuit of Happiness", which went on to become as popular as the original and became a staple at Aoki's concerts. Steve Aoki released his remix on December 5,


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