Somewhere in the darkness questions and answers

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somewhere in the darkness questions and answers

House Atreides (Prelude to Dune #1) by Brian Herbert

Frank Herberts award-winning Dune chronicles captured the imagination of millions of readers worldwide. By his death in 1986, Herbert had completed six novels in the series, but much of his vision remained unwritten. Now, working from his fathers recently discovered files, Brian Herbert and bestselling novelist Kevin J. Anderson collaborate on a new novel, the prelude to Dune—where we step onto the planet Arrakis…decades before Dunes hero, Paul MuadDib Atreides, walks its sands.

Here is the rich and complex world that Frank Herbert created, in the time leading up to the momentous events of Dune. As Emperor Elroods son plots a subtle regicide, young Leto Atreides leaves for a years education on the mechanized world of Ix; a planetologist named Pardot Kynes seeks the secrets of Arrakis; and the eight-year-old slave Duncan Idaho is hunted by his cruel masters in a terrifying game from which he vows escape and vengeance. But none can envision the fate in store form them; one that will make them renegades—and shapers of history.
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Somewhere In The Darkness

My students often ask me, "Why are you a teacher? I tell them in response, "I teach because I need you as much as you need me.
Brian Herbert

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