The jesus seminar and its critics

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the jesus seminar and its critics

The Jesus Seminar and Its Critics by Robert J. Miller

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Published 10.01.2019

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Seven Problems with the Jesus Seminar

Robert J. Miller, The Jesus Seminar and its Critics. Santa Rosa: Polebridge Press, ISBN X. Reviewed by Robert M. If you had any remaining questions about the methods, goals, and origins of the notorious Jesus Seminar, this book by my Seminar colleague and pal Bob Miller ought to put them to rest. In clear, concise, and frank speech, Miller deals one by one with the mostly absurd criticisms of the Seminar.

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The Jesus Seminar, so-called, has been running out of steam. - A Gateway to the Research of the Jesus Seminar.

Since , a group of scholars has held meetings to debate whether the sayings and deeds of Jesus are historically true. The Jesus Seminar is a group of New Testament scholars who have studied the four gospels to determine how much of the statements of Jesus in the Bible were actually made by Jesus himself and how much were attributed to Him in later years. According to the group, only 20 percent of Jesus' statements are likely to have been spoken by Him and the other 80 percent are unlikely to have ever been stated by Jesus. Their conclusions were published in a book entitled, The Five Gospels: The Search for the Authentic Words of Jesus, which irked the scholarly community, especially among the scholars who believe in the inerrancy of the Bible. Miller, the author of Jesus Seminar and Its Critics , claims that what they discovered about the passages of the gospels is a widely shared belief.


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