Billy the kid facts and myths

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billy the kid facts and myths

Billy the Kid: The Endless Ride by Michael Wallis

Award-winning historian Michael Wallis has spent several years re-creating the rich, anecdotal saga of Billy the Kid (1859–1881), a deeply mythologized young man who became a legend in his own time and yet remains an enigma to this day. With the Gilded Age in full swing and the Industrial Revolution reshaping the American landscape, “the Kid,” who was gunned down by Sheriff Pat Garrett in the New Mexico Territory at the age of twenty-one, became a new breed of celebrity outlaw. He arose amid the mystery and myth of the swiftly vanishing frontier and, sensationalized beyond recognition by the tabloids and dime-store romances of the day, emerged as one of the most enduring icons of the American West—not to mention one of Hollywood’s most misrepresented characters. This new biography, filled with dozens of rare images and period photographs, separates myth from reality and presents an unforgettable portrait of this brief and violent life.
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Billy The Kid Mystery In Upstate

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Fact vs. Birth dates of November 20, and September 17, have popped up, but there's no proof or even a hint of these dates being accurate. As for where Billy the Kid was born; New York, Indiana, and Missouri are potential birth places, but there is no -without a doubt- proof to support any of them. At the time of his death, it was consistently written that Billy the Kid was born in New York City, so it's very possible that it could be true and that the writers of that era knew something we don't. Childhood friends in Silver City said that he was about 12 years old in , and the Coe cousins would go on to say that the Kid was about 17 years old during the Lincoln County War in early Lincoln resident, Lily Casey, would also say that the Kid was barely 16 when he was jailed in Lincoln in November of This would then make him under 21 years old at the time of death.

Raised by a single mother, he moved to Wichita, Kansas, as a boy before later migrating west to New Mexico in the early s. Henry quickly adapted to life in the rugged territory and became fluent in Spanish, but his sickly mother died of tuberculosis in , leaving him an orphan at the age of just Left in the care of an absentee stepfather, the future gunslinger spent the next year living in foster homes and boardinghouses. Before long, he fell in with a rough crowd and turned to petty crime and thievery. Photo that purportedly shows Billy the Kid on the left. Henry hid the loot in his boarding house, but was arrested after his landlord turned him in to the sheriff. The crime only carried a minor sentence, but rather than face punishment, the wiry youth escaped the jailhouse by shimmying up a chimney.

The myth: Everyone has heard of Billy the Kid. Billy was a gunfighter in the old west, young, quick and ruthless. He had a quick fuse and would shoot anyone who irritated him, eventually killing twenty-one men: one for each year of his life, as he died at twenty-one. He was a heavy-drinking cattle rustler and thief. Also, some believe that he was not, in fact, killed by Sheriff Pat Garrett on July 14, he survived and lived to a ripe old age in Texas. As with many figures that have crossed the line between history and mythology, there is some truth and a lot of exaggeration to these commonly-held notions about Billy the Kid. He probably never knew his father and his mother died when he was still young.

Myth: Billy the Kid was born on November 23, in New York City. Fact: Ash Upson, one of the men greatly responsible for the myth of Billy the Kid, gave this.
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2. The Kid’s first arrest came for stealing clothes from a laundry.

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Sumner in the New Mexico Territory. He had several aliases but is best known as Billy the Kid. He was only 18 when he killed his first man. Billy the Kid. No one knows for certain where Billy the Kid was born. Some place his birth in New York, but this is largely unsubstantiated.


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