Beauty and the beast enchantress

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beauty and the beast enchantress

Beauty and the Beast and the Enchantress by Finley Aaron

They say I’m evil.
They’ve called me jealous, petty, obsessive…wicked.
But none of those who call me a villain realize what I was up against, and how my actions saved the prince and the kingdom. For years I told myself it didn’t matter what they thought—I knew the truth, and that was enough. As time goes on, though, it’s occurred to me that history often repeats itself. And we came so close to losing everything the last time.
There is a fate worse than death, and it almost befell us all.
In order to understand that, you’ve got to know the whole story.
So here it is, my story.
Beauty and the Beast and the Enchantress.
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Beauty and the Beast Broadway OST - 01 - Prologue (The Enchantress)


Image Source: Walt Disney Studios. Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast hits theaters this weekend, and there are quite a few adjustments from the original version. Not only is there an " exclusively gay moment " in the upcoming film, but some of the characters get more of a backstory , including the enchantress who cast the infamous curse. Even though we only get a glimpse of her in the first scene when Prince Adam transforms into the Beast, by the end of the film it is revealed that she's actually been keeping a close eye on the castle by disguising herself as a townsperson named Agathe in the nearby village where Belle lives. So, who plays the magical woman? It's English actress Hattie Morahan.

The Enchantress, also known as Agathe, is a minor yet crucial character from the live-action film Beauty and the Beast where her role was expanded.
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This article is about the character from Beauty and the Beast. The Enchantress is a minor yet crucial character from Disney 's film, Beauty and the Beast. The Enchantress is the one who placed the spell on the Prince, the castle, and everyone inside the castle for the Prince's cruel ways. She is cunning, taking on the disguise of an old, helpless woman seeking shelter to test the Prince's heart. Her morality, however, is up for debate, particularly because of the debate over the Beast's age when he was cursed, and how she cursed everyone in the castle rather than just the guilty party such as Chip Potts , who was undebatably a child at the time , as well as being implied to have cursed the forest surrounding the castle making it dark and infested by wolves and bats so only few would dare to enter. A stained-glass depiction of the Enchantess disguised as a beggar offering the rose in Beauty and the Beast. Disguised as an elderly beggar woman, the Enchantress went to the castle of the Prince on a cold winter's night and possibly stormy, due to the presence of lightning and elements of rain on the stained glass windows depicting the event , and she asked if she could stay overnight to be protected from the cold in exchange for a beautiful rose she was carrying.


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    The Enchantress is a minor yet crucial character from Disney's film, Beauty and the Beast. The Enchantress is the one who placed the.

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