Howard the duck and deadpool

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howard the duck and deadpool

Deadpool the Duck by Stuart Moore

Deadpool and Howard the Duck find themselves temporarily fused after a Cronenberg-esque teleporter malfunction (of course). Deadpool the Duck must figure out how to un-fuse and save their buddy Rocket from space rabies!

Stuart Moore and Jacopo Camagni’s Deadpool the Duck isn’t a bad comic but it’s by no means a must-read either. The concept is cute and Moore comes up with just about enough to keep this mini-series from being boring but Deadpool the Duck’s shenanigans was never edge-of-your-seat reading.

Predictably there’s a lot of pointless shooting and a couple of minor new characters are introduced whose mother/daughter issues were quite yawnworthy. I have no idea either how Mary went from being a SHIELD receptionist to leading a mission in the field??

The puke running gag wasn’t funny but I did laugh towards the end when Doctor Bong appears, strikes a silly pose and says “No one knows disappointing climaxes like Doctor Bong!”. The nihilistic, noirish tone of Howard’s interior monologue was compelling and Camagni’s art is pretty good too.

Deadpool the Duck is a playfully random book that you could only make work with two out-there characters like Deadpool and Howard. I didn’t love it and it’s not that memorable but it’s a perfectly readable done-in-one outing for this odd couple.
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Howard the Duck (1/10) Movie CLIP - No More Mr. Nice Duck (1986) HD

While Deadpool and Howard the Duck come from two different worlds literally , they also both starred in their own major motion pictures — of course, Deadpool was a highly successful, while Howard the Duck , well, not so much. They are, however, undeniably anti-heroes who have interesting origin stories inside and beyond the comic book pages that color their experiences and unique takes on the Marvel Universe. The Duck and Merc's previous, if rare, encounters have led to some seriously wacky, non-canon misadventures. But their latest convergence, in Deadpool the Duck 1 , will leave both of them with a far-more intimate understanding of each other. As a Merc with a Mouth with a lot of superhero connections, Deadpool finds himself once again meeting up with S. He and Agent Mary meet at a safe house, which he happens to think is perfect for his next merc-cave.

What happens with you combine Deadpool , the star of Marvel's most successful solo superhero film franchises, with Howard the Duck , the star of what might objectively be the worst superhero movie of all time? While combining an anthropomorphic duck together with a motormouth mercenary seems like a recipe for hijinks and Tex Avery worthy ultra-violence, Deadpool the Duck is surprisingly nuanced and tame. Despite Howard describing his own body as out of shape, Deadpool's hyperbolic metabolism and regenerative powers make their combined form almost-untouchable. Now, CBR is taking a look back at this amalgamated hero, who joins the amalgamated character pantheon that includes Vegetto, Gogeta, Firestorm and Jeff Goldblum and the fly from The Fly. While aimlessly driving, Howard the Duck comes upon Rocket Raccoon crash-landing in a space car and discovers that his furry friend has been infected with "space rabies.

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Howard the Duck is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The character was created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Val Mayerik. Howard the Duck first appeared in Adventure into Fear 19 cover-dated Dec. Howard's adventures are generally social satires , while a few are parodies of genre fiction with a metafictional awareness of the medium. The book is existentialist , and its main joke, according to Gerber, is that there is no joke: "


  1. Joshua R. says:

    One is a fun-loving psychopath, and the duck is a sarcastic misanthrope.

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