Billy shepard and the pepperpots

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billy shepard and the pepperpots

Billys Back! Selections from The Memoirs of Billy Shears by Thomas E. Uharriet

Billy’s Back! shows how William Shepherd (Billy Shears) replaced Paul McCartney in The Beatles, revealing how he went from Billy Pepper of Billy Pepper and the Pepper Pots to Sgt. Pepper of Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.

Replacing Paul saved the Beatles, but plagued each band member. Now you can understand the secret messages and see how to verify the proven facts of Pauls death.

Besides the many song and album clues that the world has missed until now, you will also learn the hard physical evidence. Here are a few examples:

Chapter 4 reveals how and why it was proven in court, in Germany, that the current Paul does not have the same DNA as the earlier Paul McCartney.

Chapter 34 identifies the professor in Florida who was the first to publish the fact that the new and old Paul have different voiceprints, proving again that they cannot possibly be the same person (since voiceprints are as unique as fingerprints.)

Chapter 59 recounts the trouble that the current Paul got into in Japan when his fingerprints did not match those of the original Paul McCartney.

Throughout the book, you will learn to easily recognize their distinct physical differences, their personality differences, and the conspicuous differences in their singing and musical skills. You will also come to know the current Pauls inner-workings about how, even now, he deals with the identity-switch, and how he continues to work to please the Paul who has crossed over.

Billy’s Back! is the epic of our hero, Paul McCartney, who entered the underworld, and then returned to us by taking possession of the session musician, William Shepherd (Billy Shears). This revealing fact-filled work of historical fiction reveals from Williams own point of view exactly how the Beatles replaced Paul, what the secret messages really mean, and how you can be certain that they are true.

The Paul is Dead story has been told before, but never so authoritatively, or with such details of how and why Paul prepared for it, how they made the switch, how and why William took over the band and the McCartney estate, and how the switch in the band improved The Beatles, but tormented them all, especially John and Paul.

When you know what really happened and why, you will never again harbor any doubts of Pauls death and replacement by William. In addition, as you learn the background of the songs cited, you will never again hear those songs the same way. This book will forever change your perceptions of those songs and of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Donovan, The Who, and Elton John--all of whom made songs about Pauls replacement.

Billy’s Back! includes the material from The Memoirs of Billy Shears that the public most wants to know of Pauls death and replacement, along with many other fascinating details from The Memoirs, without the Beatles philosophical attainments (See Beatles Enlightenment), and without their darker aspects, such as their Paulism (only available in the unabridged Memoirs).

Billy’s Back! will forever change not only your view of Paul McCartney and the Beatles, it will change your view of the world.
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Billy Pepper & The Pepperpots - Jericho (UK beat)

We all know Sir Paul McCartney. We would recognise him if he passed us in the street or we saw him on the telly.
Thomas E. Uharriet

Billy Pepper & The Pepperpots

Billy's Back! Besides many song and album clues that even the experts have missed, you will also learn the hard physical evidence. Here are examples:. Chapter 4 reveals how it was proven in court, in Germany, that the current Paul does not have the same DNA as the earlier Paul. Chapter 34 identifies the professor in Florida who first published the fact that the new and old Paul have different voiceprints, proving again that they cannot be the same person since each voiceprint is unique like each fingerprint.

I never bought into the Bill Shepphard of Billy and the Pepper pots being faul. They don't look a like or soundalike. I also don't think Denny Lane was Faul either. He is a much smaller man than faul and his voice sounds different than Faul. I haven't researched William Shepherd Billy Pepper ; however, wondering is there any evidence of him after the late 60's. I live close to the "Bee Gees" memorial walk in Qld Australia.


Again we see the perfect match although there are some minor cosmetic differences which will be explained further on. The second photo has his face tilting turned slightly on his right our left , and the mouth moves down, and yet even in spite this obvious change in angle, the faces are still a perfect and conclusive match. All of the core features fall right on top of eachother and there is no uncomfortable movement whatsoever in the fade between. We these previous comparisons, and with the tow on the next page, we have established a relatively wide margin of error wherein, despite any minor changes in angle, the faces should still crossfade with no noticeable differences. The rumors go that this is a photo of Paul's supposed double soon after he underwent plastic surgery and shortly before appearing on the scene in late December of So logically, if the rumors are correct, and this really is the face of a look-alike, it will be conclusive match for the face of the supposed lookalike from 's "Sgt. Let us first compare these two faces to see if they match, and then we will get to the smoking gun of whether pre Paul is or is not a match with post paul.




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