Nature in the old man and the sea

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nature in the old man and the sea

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

The last novel Ernest Hemingway saw published, The Old Man and the Sea has proved itself to be one of the enduring works of American fiction. It is the story of an old Cuban fisherman and his supreme ordeal: a relentless, agonizing battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream. Using the simple, powerful language of a fable, Hemingway takes the timeless themes of courage in the face of defeat and personal triumph won from loss and transforms them into a magnificent twentieth-century classic.
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The Old Man and the Sea – The Expedition - A drama about marlin fishing from kayak

Ernest Hemingway’s famous novel “The Old Man and the Sea“ tells the story of Santiago (“the old man“), a poor fisherman who lives somewhere in the tropic sea near Havana. For 48 days he hadn’t caught a fish and his apprentice, a boy called Manolin who sailed with him, changed to.
Ernest Hemingway

The Old Man and the Sea Essay Questions

It was his last major work of fiction. The story centres on an aging fisherman who engages in an epic battle to catch a giant marlin. The central character is an old Cuban fisherman named Santiago, who has not caught a fish for 84 days. The family of his apprentice, Manolin, has forced the boy to leave the old fisherman, though Manolin continues to support him with food and bait. Santiago is a mentor to the boy, who cherishes the old man and the life lessons he imparts. Convinced that his luck must change, Santiago takes his skiff far out into the deep waters of the Gulf Stream, where he soon hooks a giant marlin. He finally reels the marlin in and lashes it to his boat.

Events of the novel take place at Cuba, approximately in September The Old Man and the Sea starts with a description of an old man, Santiago, a fisher who spent eighty-four days without any fare. Of course, it is offensive for Santiago who spent all his life at the sea and travelled a lot while being young. He also is an excellent and skillful fisherman, he just did not find a big fish worthy of selling for a long time. At first a boy, Manolin, was helping him, but after forty days without fare his parents forbade him to attend the old man, so now he works with another fisherman.

Hemingway focuses on the connections between Santiago and his natural environment: the fish, birds, and stars are all his brothers or friends; he has the heart of a turtle, eats turtle eggs for strength; anddrinks shark liver oil for health. This connection with the sea and its creatures helps Santiago in the midst of his great tragedy. For Santiago, success and failure are two equal facets of the same existence.
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by Ernest Hemingway

One day he catches a very big fish and has a three day long struggle with it until he finally kills it. He ties it on the side of his boat but since the fish has lost much blood many sharks are attracted and attack it. In the end Santiago reaches the harbour after a fierce fight with nothing but the bones of his catch. In this essay the significance of nature as it is presented in the novel is analyzed. On the other side nature can be interpreted as a symbol. The environment of the fisherman Santiago seems to be at first sight something completely ordered and in perfect harmony. The relation between the animals and Santiago is more like a friendship.

The old man is unique in his relationship to and understanding of the natural world. He talks about the sea as though it were a woman, the birds as friends, the sharks as personal enemies. He examines the relationship between turtles and jellyfish, between fish and birds. The creatures and the natural world become a lens through which we examine the old man; they become parables and analogies that allow us to gain insight into his character. The lions function in this same way, as they have much to do with the way the old man views himself. The Old Man and the Sea also incites discussion about the natural order of things; the old man justifies and interprets his actions and the actions of others as things that they "are born to do.


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