Compare and contrast the socs and the greasers

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compare and contrast the socs and the greasers

The Outsiders - What text (book, short story, poem, or song) do you think would make an interesting comparison to The Outsiders? Showing 1-46 of 46

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The Outsiders Rumble

compare and contrast the socs and the greasers

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Ponyboy Curtis lives in a world where there are two types of people, the Greasers who have no chance and the Socials, or Socs, who have all the chances. One of the most important things for the Greasers is loyalty, often the only family they have is their gang.
do u love me even with my dark side

Greasers and Socs In The Story

The Outsiders Are the Socs and the Greasers the same, or irrevocably different? The Outsiders, by S. Hinton is a novel about the two gangs on each side of a town, the Greasers and the Socs, who have a destructive rivalry and are superficially different. However throughout the course of the novel their true characteristics are proven to be fundamentally the same. Each side has its differences, for example, their opposing dress codes. The Greasers are generally stereotyped as no good, rotten to the core hoods, while the Socs manage to become away with their crimes due to their higher place on the social ladder. While the Socs and the Greasers see the world quite differently; their backgrounds are dramatically different, however they during the novel, the reader begin to see how much they have in common underneath all the clothes and cars.


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