Elias and laia a torch against the night

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elias and laia a torch against the night

A Torch Against the Night - Keenan or Elias? (Spoilers) Showing 1-50 of 55

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Published 13.01.2019

Can Sabaa Tahir Recap Elias' An Ember in the Ashes Journey in Under 6 Minutes

Elias Veturius

Sep 06, AM. This is not a team question. I would go with Elias, he was my fav since the beginning of the series Sep 06, PM. Laia getting together with Keenan in the first place was just Felt the same. Sep 07, AM.

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The swordpoint is my priest. The dance of death is my prayer. The killing blow is my release. You are my priest. You are my prayer. You are my release.

The story follows Laia, a former slave; Elias, a former Mask, who are on a mission to save Laia's brother and Helene, the blood shrike; who finds her destiny through torturous events. The novel is narrated in the first-person , alternating between the points of view of Laia, Elias and Helene. Elias and Laia flee the pursuing empire soldiers through the tunnels of catacombs. They kill it and a group of soldier spot them. They manage to defeat them only to be confronted by several masks. The roof of the tunnels caves in due to tremors from bombs that resistance soldiers set off. They flee through the city and go to an abandoned Veturius warehouse near city wall that has a back door leading out of the city.


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