Sell everything and move to the mountains

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sell everything and move to the mountains

She Went to War: The Rhonda Cornum Story by Rhonda Cornum

This book is very different from what I usually read since my preferred genre consists of mysteries and thrillers with an occasional novel thrown in to the mix.
My older sister was in the Air Force for 29 years and had this book in her collection. This book made me appreciate more the sacrifices that all of our troops make to keep America safe. The author, Rhonda Cornum, is a surgeon (soldier and pilot) in the U.S. Army and ends up being captured and taken as a POW while serving in Iraq. I enjoyed reading about the female perspective of the challenges that were faced in the Persian Gulf. Her descriptions, especially while being held as a prisoner, were realistic and sometimes hard to read. I especially enjoyed learning about her views on women serving in the military since my own sister had chosen to spend her professional career with the U.S. Air Force.
To Ret. Brigadier General Rhonda Cornum, Thank you for your service!
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Family Sell Everything To Move Into Wonderful Wooden House Truck

Before the move, we were living in a fully furnished, 1, square foot house. Selling everything and starting over sounds romantic at first, but.
Rhonda Cornum

What it’s Really Like to Leave the City for the Mountains

Several years ago, my parents sold my childhood home in the suburbs of Chicago and moved to the mountains of Colorado. Living in the mountains definitely has its perks, as anyone who lives there will tell you. Here are some to consider. Plants and animals live much more freely on mountains, where populations are less dense and there are considerably fewer buildings. Building a new house on a mountain or adding on to an existing one is incredibly difficult and incredibly expensive. A lot of it.

I Live In A Mountain Town And So Should You

I was headed to Colorado, Telluride specifically. Scott was already a day ahead of me. Baz picked him up in Grand Junction and got Scotty set up with rental equipment after speeding back to town. When my train finally pulled into Junction, Baz and Scott scooped me and we watched our Butler Bulldogs take on Joakim Noah and the rest of the defending national champion Florida Gators in the Elite 8 at a sports bar close to the train station. That was March By October, I had an apartment and a job in Telluride. Scott had the same in November.


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    Before I explain how we were able to move to the mountains, let me I called a close friend that had recently sold her home and got her We charge everything and pay our credit cards in full each month (to get cash back).

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