Hillary clinton and the populist revolt

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hillary clinton and the populist revolt

Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump by Laura Ingraham

Americans didn’t just go to the polls in 2016. They joined a movement that swept the unlikeliest of candidates, Donald Trump, into the Oval Office. Can he complete his agenda? Or will his opponents in the media, protestor class, and political establishment block his efforts and choke off the movement he represents?

In Billionaire at the Barricades, Laura Ingraham gives readers a front row seat to the populist revolution as she witnessed it. She reveals the origins of this movement and its connection to the Trump presidency. She unmasks the opposition, forecasts the future of the Make America Great Again agenda and offers her own prescriptions for bringing real change to the swamp of Washington.

Unlike most of her media colleagues, Ingraham understood Trump’s appeal and defied those who wrote his political obituary. Now she confronts the president’s critics and responds to those who deny the importance of his America First agenda. With sharp humor and insight she traces the DNA of the populist movement: from Goldwater’s 1964 campaign, to Nixon’s Silent Majority, to Reagan’s smashing electoral victories.

Populism fueled the insurgency campaigns of Buchanan and Perot, the election of George W. Bush, and the Tea Party rallies of the Obama presidency. But a political novice—a Manhattan billionaire—proved to be the movement’s most vocal champion. This is the inside story of his victory and the fitful struggle to enact his agenda.

This book has also been published as Busting the Barricades: What I Saw at the Populist Revolt.
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The Great Populist Revolt Will Outlive Donald Trump: Podcast

It is the second of two parts; part one can be read here. Despite the unprecedented forces arrayed against her, she received the majority of votes. Trump did win Trump won 1. However, the most extreme part of it has grown stronger, allowing white supremacists to take over the Republican Party apparatus.

The basement of a hotel on Capitol Hill. A meeting room with beige walls and headachy light, cavernous enough to accommodate three hundred occupants but empty, except for Hillary Clinton. She sat at a small round table with a cloth draped to the carpet. I sat down across from her. Why were so many downwardly mobile white Americans supporting Donald Trump? And I think we Democrats have not provided as clear a message about how we see the economy as we need to. Clinton has given a lot of thought to economic policy.

Characteristically brilliant piece in the New Yorker about the election and the state of US politics by George Packer of the Unwinding. Usual combination of novelistic incident and colour with a sharp eye for the larger changes and their implications:. The place looked sun-beaten and dilapidated. When I pulled up, the owner eased himself down from a front-end loader, hobbled over, and leaned against a pole. He was in his fifties, with a heavy red face, dishevelled hair, and a bushy mustache going from strawberry blond to white.

Salena Zito talks about the coaltion that is reshaping American politics.

Clinton said of the wealthy and powerful. The line echoed a phrase that helped make Senator Elizabeth Warren the populist icon of her party., The first politician punished for the poisoning of Flint, Michigan, was Dayne Walling , the year-old Democratic mayor who lost reelection in November by fewer than 2, votes. When he dug into the numbers, Walling discovered what he considers the source of his demise: 3, new voters.





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