The red and the black themes

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the red and the black themes

The Red and the Black by Stendhal

Handsome, ambitious Julien Sorel is determined to rise above his humble provincial origins. Soon realizing that success can only be achieved by adopting the subtle code of hypocrisy by which society operates, he begins to achieve advancement through deceit and self-interest. His triumphant career takes him into the heart of glamorous Parisian society, along the way conquering the gentle, married Madame de Rênal, and the haughty Mathilde. But then Julien commits an unexpected, devastating crime - and brings about his own downfall. The Red and the Black is a lively, satirical portrayal of French society after Waterloo, riddled with corruption, greed, and ennui, and Julien - the cold exploiter whose Machiavellian campaign is undercut by his own emotions - is one of the most intriguing characters in European literature.
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The Red and the Black Background

All rights reserved. So you can imagine that the institution of marriage plays an important role in all the juicy goings Julien's grand ambitions in The Red and the Black usually center on thoughts of heroism and leadership… but he knows from the books he's read that no adventure is complete without a few romantic By the end of The Red and the Black, though, they all know what love is. Julien Sorel is a total social climber, a peasant who will do whatever it takes to raise himself up in France's rigid class system. There are tons of obstacles in his way, including one or two that

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Stendhal was already years-old when he published his first novel in Routinely included among any lists of the greatest novels in world literature today, The Red and the Black was almost immediately ignored or dismissed by readers and critics of the time. That which was rejected upon publication would, of course, start becoming the convention in another fifty years. Readers in had come to expect a novel to read like a non-fictional narrative—which is so many of them contain prefatory material which outlines an often bogus contextual background. What readers of novels were not necessarily accustomed as a true portrait of society with its robust sense of contradiction its rough acceptance of pleasant illusions as an acceptable simulation of the truth for the purpose maintaining equilibrium. Stendhal himself expected that it would take until almost the end of the 19th century for the novel as a means of literary expression to reach the point where the rules he broke to write a forge a new construct for the form would become the rule rather than the exception, and this prescience proved almost eerily accurate.

The Red and the Black stands at the crossroads of eighteenth and nineteenth-century French literature.
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Julien leaves his provincial home to become a tutor, strives to raise himself professionally and socially, becomes embroiled in a series of romantic escapades, and finally faces a capital trial. The epigraph is attributed to Georges Jacques Danton, the proponent of the French Revolution who was later guillotined, but Danton may never have said it. Many of the epigraphs that open each chapter are either very loose renditions of quotations or outright fabrications. Thus the narrator, after one of the first interviews between Julien and Mme. The narrator consistently responds to Julien, but responds inconsistently. Reading itself is implicated in this process, as the characters compare events to books they have read, expecting life to imitate art. Helena , a biography of Napoleon, into the sawmill stream p.


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    Part 1 of The Red and the Black centers on the affair between Julien Sorel and Madame de Rênal. Julien's grand ambitions in The Red and the Black usually center on thoughts of heroism and leadership. Julien isn't always sure whether or not he's in love and the same goes for.

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    SparkNotes: The Red and the Black: Analysis

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