Harley merlin and the secret coven

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harley merlin and the secret coven

Harley Merlin and the Secret Coven by Bella Forrest

Started out well, and I thought it was going to be both well-edited and fairly original. Sadly, in the end it was neither. Enjoyable enough, but not quite worthy of four stars (I did originally err on the side of generosity, but decided on reflection to give it three).

Firstly, its based much too closely on Harry Potter, up to and including points for an end-of-year prize and childish bickering (if anything, the HP kids are more mature than these characters - mature YA in the blurb apparently just means the protagonist is 19).

Second, there are quite a few excess coordinate commas, and a good few vocabulary issues - homonym errors (like diffuse/defuse); wrong word choices for what the author means (like conscience when she means consciousness); and one of my pet hates, the jargon going forward repeatedly used to mean in future or from now on.

Third, there are two - TWO - Convenient Eavesdrops, and even though neither one is completely essential to the plot, I still despise this plot device with a mighty hatred. Its weak writing, a convenient way to get around point-of-view limitations.

And, while it starts out with a good pace, it suddenly crashes down into low gear for an extended visit to the Department of Backstory, and takes a long time to recover its momentum.

Its OK in a bubblegum sort of way, enjoyable for what it is, but it doesnt inspire me to look for more from this author.
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Published 14.01.2019

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Bella Forrest

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Harley Merlin is a supernatural adventure series, that is perfect for young adult fantasy fans. Written by self-confessed fantasy fan Bella Forrest, the nine-book-series is set in a hidden world of mystery, magic and monsters. Her special powers make her perfect for a job spotting crooks at the local casino, but she has no idea where they came from. Abandoned at a young age to live in care, all that remains from her parents is a cryptic note from her father, but when Harley witnesses a vicious monster attack she is thrust into the world of magicals, beasts and covens and starts a journey to trace the source of her own powers. Helped by the charismatic young warlock Wade Crowley, she sets out to trace her magical heritage, which is wilder than she could have imagined, fighting the dark forces at work within the coven who want to stop her unravelling the mystery. As the series progresses, any answers Harley discovers about her family and her magical abilities are only met with more questions. In the meantime, she has to guard the ancient Bestiary, protect the young magicals from her enemies and, most importantly, look out for her friends.

When a rogue year-old witch is recruited to help guard an ancient magical Bestiary, a breath-stealing journey begins Being an empath has its advantages. But she has no clue where she got these freakish powers because she spent her childhood jumping from home to home in the foster system, and her father left her with nothing more than a cryptic note. Then she crosses paths with a terrifyingly real monster. Which is when a mysterious and annoyingly arrogant young warlock named Wade Crowley steps in, introducing her to a hidden world of beasts, magicals, and covens riddled with secrets—as well as clues about her murky past.

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