I take off my hat

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i take off my hat

Quote by Arturo Toscanini: “To Strauss the composer I take off my hat; to S...”

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OED examples. She'd hit the ceiling. It has long been a tradition among men to take one's hat off in entering a house or business office or church, almost anyplace indoors except a warehouse or a barn; in the presence of a woman, as when talking to her or acknowledging her presence, even if she is only passing by; when things deserving reverence or honor are present, such as the flag or a hero or military commander. If I take off my hat to you, it's a sign that you deserve great respect or honor, perhaps by creating a championship sports record, perhaps by saving your regiment by heroic action, perhaps by inventing something as useful as the flush toilet. It is surely more usual for respect to be shown to a military commander by saluting him and now her. On this side of the Atlantic a salute should only be given if one has a hat on, indeed, to that extent, to show respect to a superior one has to put a hat on. That's correct, DFG; the military salute is indeed a vestigial doffing of the hat, which was once the universal gesture of respect in Western Europe.

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