Documentary now swimming to cambodia

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documentary now swimming to cambodia

Swimming to Cambodia by Spalding Gray

“It took courage to do what Spalding did—courage to make theatre so naked and unadorned, to expose himself in this way and fight the demons in public. In doing so, he entered our hearts—my heart—because he made his struggle my struggle. His life became my life.”—Eric Bogosian

“Virtuosic. A master writer, reporter, comic and playwright. Spalding Gray is a sit-down monologist with the soul of a stand-up comedian. A contemporary Gulliver, he travels the globe in search of experience and finds the ridiculous.”—The New York Times

In 2004, we mourned the loss of one of America’s true theatrical innovators. Spalding Gray took his own life by jumping from the Staten Island ferry into the waters of New York Harbor, finally succumbing to the impossible notion that he could in fact swim to Cambodia. At a memorial gathering for family, friends and fans at Lincoln Center in New York, his widow expressed the need to honor Gray’s legacy as an artist and writer for his children, as well as for future generations of fans and readers. Originally published in 1985, Swimming to Cambodia is reissued here 20 years later in a new edition as a tribute to Gray’s singular artistry.

Writer, actor and performer, Spalding Gray is the author of Sex and Death to the Age 14; Monster in a Box; It’s a Slippery Slope; Gray’s Anatomy and Morning, Noon and Night, among other works. His appearance in The Killing Fields was the inspiration for his Swimming to Cambodia, which was also filmed by Jonathan Demme.
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Documentary Now! - Official Trailer (ft. Fred Armisen & Bill Hader) - IFC

Documentary Now! digs into the flaws in its reference material. Swimming To Cambodia is remembered as a masterful work of storytelling and.
Spalding Gray

Documentary Now: Parker Gail’s Location is Everything Review

So full disclosure, this episode really knocked me back in a remarkable way. Bill Hader is the perfect conduit for this lightning rod of rambling necessary in the episode. It either connects with you in the deepest way possible or flies completely over your head. The three-camera setup captures the whole black box experience as Gail free-associates and monologues for the entire episode. This is him baring his soul, mugging to the audience, and turning every emotion up to the max, like theater has a tendency to bring out in people. Documentary Now! To see that this episode is co-written by Hader and John Mulaney is not at all surprising.

Documentary Now! This may be a growing niche. Documentary has undergone something of a renaissance in the last ten years, as streaming platforms have focused on bingeable nonfiction films and series that spark detailed, intense debate: Did Robert Durst really murder his wife? Did the stress of captivity really make a killer whale attack its trainer? Was Ma Anand Sheela—the charismatic spokeswoman for the Rajneesh cult in Oregon—truly a sinister leader or just a woman in way over her head? Documentaries have the power to rocket a story directly into the news, serving viewers a portion of life to dissect, examine, start Reddit threads about, and watch on repeat. Each episode re-creates a movie, down to its camera angles and costumery, and can highlight not only the brilliance of lauded documentaries but also their shortcomings.

Sign in. No host? No problem. Watch funny moments, inspiring speeches, and more highlights from the Emmy Awards. Watch now. Parody of Spalding Gray's cult performance film Swimming to Cambodia

Catch Documentary Now!'s tribute to Spalding Gray when “Parker Gail: Location Is Everything” premieres Wednesday, September 28th at 10P.
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Spalding Gray 101

But the Documentary Now! Documentary Now! Instead they like the grainy images of an old film, or the quirky nuances in the behavior of an ordinary person being filmed.

This week Documentary Now! Cinecom Pictures. Our favorite impressions are of his demanding girlfriend Renee and Ivan Strasberg, the South African director of photography on The Killing Fields who, as depicted by Gray, sounds a bit like a Jamaican surfer. In one memorable scene, Gray rants about how his noisy upstairs artist neighbors are driving him and Renee crazy. Catch Documentary Now! The end is near.


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