Off we go jane yolen

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off we go jane yolen

Off We Go! by Jane Yolen

Personal Reaction:
I liked this book because of the rhyming and the illustrations it had. The pages were very open with minimal text and detailed illustrations which are good for beginning-to-read books. I thought the color schemes used were very appropriate because it was based in the wild and there was a lot of blues and greens. I really liked how the illustrations brought the text to life because they really connected and the illustrator did a fantastic job making the illustrations lifelike and look like they were moving a doing the actions that the text read, for example, the snakes were slithering around on branches and the text read Slither-slee, Slithery slee. It was a very simple book which is ideal for beginner readers.

Purposes/Use in the Classroom
Read aloud to make a curricular connection
-This book could be used in a classroom to teach about different kinds of animals and what movements they make and the environment in which they live.
-It can also be used to talk about making friends of all different shapes and sizes because at the end of the book all of the animals come together and are hopping, slithering, digging, and running around each other as they all go to their grandmothers house!

Independent reading
-This book would be read in about kindergarten because it is a beginner book
-Students can read this book to learn about different animals and what they do to move and get around. They can compare the animals movements with their own movements, like walking.

For narrative
-This book could be used to teach students about the importance of illustrations in picture books. For this book, the illustrator used diagonal lines to demonstrate action and movement of all the animals going to their grandmothers house. They could use this book to compare to other books that use horizontal lines to demonstrate repose and peace, and other books that use vertical lines to demonstrate stability.

Other as Appropriate: onomatopoeia
-This book could also teach students about what an onomatopoeia is. It describes the snakes slithering, the frogs hopping (hop! hop!), and mice tip-toeing.
-A lesson could be created after this book and students could try to come up with other onomatopoeias
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Off We Go!

Off We Go! [Jane Yolen, Laurel Molk] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. One by one, baby woodland creatures leave home and take off for.
Jane Yolen

Off We Go!

Thank you! Three rhymed lines and a refrain introduce each animal. Then, a cumulative verse, repeating only the action words, brings each animal into the picture one at a time until they are all cavorting pell-mell through the pages. Many have interesting details that draw the eye deeply into the picture. Spider webs in unexpected places, insects, imperfections in reeds, and lichens on logs increase the pictorial interest in the quiet two-page spreads and round out the action in the livelier ones. Without these pictures, the telling might still be engaging, but they are what set it above the ordinary.

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Off We Go! Jane Yolen. Jane Yolen, award-winning author of many books for young people, including Beneath the Ghost Moon: A Halloween Tale also illustrated by Laurel Molk , has a knack for creating simple, magical tales of immense appeal to children. Molk's exquisite watercolors, with splashes of green following the frogs, and splotches of red-brown where the moles are digging, are full-page works of art. Young readers will want to climb right into the pages to slither with Little Snake and scritch-scratch with Little Duck.

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