Civil war comic release date

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civil war comic release date

Civil War: A Marvel Comics Event by Mark Millar


I think Millar did an excellent job of showing both sides of this Civil War. At first, I was sure I would hate Tony, but when I looked at things from his point of view, it was almost impossible not to understand why he thought he was right. Thats not to say that I wasnt rooting for Cap the rebels the entire time. I cant imagine a comic book fan being for Registration Act! After all, at the heart of all of us, is a geek who is paranoid of anything Big Brother-like.


It starts with public outcry against all superheroes due to a tragic accident caused by a group of b-list heroes. Not much more than kids, they decided to take on a few villains to boost their reality t.v. shows ratings. To say it didnt work out for them is an understatement. Because they were not paying attention to their surroundings, they were unaware of the danger they were placing everyone in. One of them tried to capture Nitro, and the explosion he caused during the fight took out an entire elementary school. In the wake of hundreds of childrens deaths, Tony is confronted by a grieving mother at her childs funeral. Overwhelmed with guilt, he agrees to help push for the Registration Act, and becomes front man for the cause. His belief is, with every super-human registered, trained by, and working for the government, nothing like that would have to happen again. He also realizes that it is only a matter of time before the public calls for an outright ban on the use of superhuman powers, and possibly superhumans themselves. He believes that by working with S.H.I.E.L.D, he is extending an olive branch that may save them all.


Millars stroke of genius was using Captain America, of all people, to lead the rebellion. One would assume that Steve Rogers would be the first one to sign up for anything that had the backing of the United States government. However, he immediately saw the potential for misuse of what could basically be an army of super weapons. They could easily be used to intimidate other countries into submission of Americas will. The threat of imprisonment to all who did not cooperate only fueled his belief that he was correct.


Spider Man (always my favorite) perfectly represented that, Oops, I think maybe Ive made the wrong choice., feeling. At first, he truly believes in Iron Mans vision. If superheroes are required to register with the government, then there will be no more untrained kids in capes running around with the potential to cause disaster. Receiving a steady paycheck from the government also doesnt seem like a bad thing for Parker, who always seems to be struggling to make ends meet. Yes, he will lose the privacy afforded by his secret identity, but it doesnt look that high of a price to pay to gain the publics support again for superhumans. Tony believes that because Peter has always been so guarded against losing his secret identity, his willingness to unmask during a press conference will ultimately lead the others who are on the fence to join their side. Personally, I think it was worth it just to see J. Jonas Jameson collapse when Parker took off the mask. Nice.
However, after Goliath is killed during an attempt to arrest some of the rebels, he begins to have second thoughts. Fighting and possibly killing superheroes who had, time and time again, saved the lives of countless innocents, was not what he originally signed up to do. His decision to join the rebels made me remember why I love him.

Great story, great art, great choice of characters! This is a must-read!
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Civil War 2 "The Death of the Hulk" #1 - Complete Story - Comicstorian

"Civil War" is a –07 Marvel Comics crossover storyline consisting of a seven -issue limited . After the publication of Civil War #7, Mark Millar was interviewed by .. Comic Book Round Up gave the series an average rating of The story was published late (October cover date), during Secret Invasion and the.
Mark Millar

Civil War Vol 1 7

Check out the the official issue-by-issue reading order below compared to House of M. Just a bit more… expansive. Certainly makes for some interesting reading with the help of a good guide to navigate the continuity, of course. As always, hope you enjoy! Comic Book Herald is reader-supported.

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There are only seven issues under the Civil War title, but almost a hundred in the full list. Here's everything you need to know about Civil War to start reading. But first, not that Civil War: The American Civil War of the s is not related to this story, except that the heroes of this story are turned against one another, in internal conflict. Okay, so what is a comic event? An 'event' is like the comic equivalent of the Avengers movie. It involves a lot of characters that have their own stories. You can watch it by itself, but there are also a TON of things you can watch which give it context, like other movies or even TV shows.

Debuting in June of that year, it is the sequel to 's " Civil War " and consists of a nine-issue eponymous core limited series , by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artists David Marquez and Justin Ponsor, and a number of tie-in books. Functioning as an allegory about the nature of determinism versus free will , [1] [2] the story sees opposing factions of superheroes led by Captain Marvel and Iron Man come into conflict when a new Inhuman named Ulysses emerges with the ability to predict the future. The debut of the series was scheduled to capitalize on the release of the Marvel Studios film Captain America: Civil War. The repercussions of the storyline resulted in the new status quo of the Marvel Universe presented in the subsequent "Divided We Stand" storyline, which was released as part of the company's Marvel NOW! While the issues involved are different, we'll be taking the same approach to Civil War II.


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