Great western sugar company history

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great western sugar company history

Footprints in the Sugar: A History of the Great Western Sugar Company by Candy Hamilton

This is an extremely important and thorough historical document of the sugar industry in Northern Colorado. The chapters on the Germans from Russia, and the Mexican & Japanese immigrants are incredible... I learned things I never knew about the struggle of migrant workers in the USA going back for over a century. A ridiculously well researched book, its humbling just flipping through this massive tome.

Im marking this as currently reading because theres no way Ill ever be able to sit down and read the whole thing back to front, and at the same time, this is a book Im likely to come back to again and again.

I grew up in this area, went to church near the Loveland plant back when it was still in operation, and so Ive long been interested in this history. Its undeniable that some of the towns around here wouldnt exist in their current form if it hadnt been for Great Western.
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Great Western Sugar Company - Wikipedia audio article

The Western Sugar Cooperative is a grower owned American agricultural cooperative. History[edit]. Its origins date from when Charles Boettcher founded the Great Western Sugar Company and opened a sugar.
Candy Hamilton

Inside the old Great Western Sugar Mill

But, it is great to know that the remaining historical structures will be saved due the use of the site as an Amalgamated Sugar Company storage and terminal site operating since The CMEP team explored several ideas with the owners and potential developers for rehabilitation, but in the end keeping the site and community safe was the primary goal. Video courtesy of CBS4. Sugar beets were cultivated in Colorado as early as Few of these sugar beet complexes remain. Those still standing do so in a variety of capacities—some intact, some partially adapted to a new use. Today only six remain.

In , a syndicate of sugar investors composed of local community members and primarily led by James B. Arthur, Peter Anderson, and Henry O. In the late nineteenth century, the Great Western Sugar Company plants dotted the land from Kansas to Montana, and after Great Western Sugar assumed ownership of the Fort Collins sugar beet factory, it established itself as a major economic industry in town. In order for the sugar beet industry to be viable, both farmers and the factory needed a plentiful source of water. Since the average amount of rainfall per is year is fifteen to twenty inches, beet farmers relied heavily on irrigation systems. Farmers diverted water from the Cache la Poudre and small creeks to irrigate beet fields.


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    The Great Western Sugar Company was founded in the early 20th Century by Charles Boettcher and partners, pioneering the sugar beet industry in Northern.

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