We eat lies when our hearts are hungry meaning

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we eat lies when our hearts are hungry meaning

Quote by Penelope Douglas: “Because we all eat lies when our hearts are hungry”

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Published 17.01.2019

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Which is what makes this an incredibly lonely disease.

When your heart is hungry

And sometimes we even know that this fact is a lie, but we want to believe so bad…. It is fascinating how our mind is playing this trick on us. If somebody would have told me that it is possible to lie right in your own face, I would not have believed it. And then you know that it is true:. Was it your friend saying your new haircut is pretty? Was it your best friend telling you she was ill and could not come to your birthday? The higher you fly with that lie, the deeper you will fall.

We know. We are saying that crap in our heads already, only we are saying it louder than you, and with more frustration and self-loathing, because we have been trying without success to calm down and stop panicking for the balance of our lives. I know it can be exasperating to deal with someone with anxiety — boy, do I. I deal with an anxious personality every waking minute of every single day, and let me tell you there are times I want to smack myself with a broom, take out my batteries, and let my whole fucking house burn down. Walk away.

If your need is acute you are unlikely to be too critical in your analysis of any attempt to fulfil that need. If you are hungry as hell, haven't eaten for days, you aren't.
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We all eat lies when our hearts are hungry

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How about some ice cream? Maybe the leftover birthday cake. Perhaps you should go downtown for a pastry and coffee at the cute French bakery. You have this sense of yearning and food sounds like an easy answer. Instead of eating to fix this hollow feeling, you need ways to nurture and comfort yourself and renew your spirit.


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